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Jasmine Brooks: LOVE IT!!!!!!

Cherry ann Caindoy: Wow! I love it

Anna Smart: I would really like to know what you think of e.l.f. makeup. It is a cheap makeup but I heard it is pretty good considering the price. You can get a whole new makeup look with $50. They have eyebrow pencils, foundations, brushes, primers etc. Please do a video on this makeup. The products you show make you look so beautiful but they are way to expensive.

McKennah Chafin: I love your loooooksss. Omg I’m gonna go broke. Do more giveaways! Especially with maybe your own palettes of colorsss! ❤️❤️❤️

Yusra Khan: You slay widout makeup

lun ngan: hey every one. please let me know what kind of eyesliner what she used in the video

Chris Melnyk: Can you tell me what single eye shadows you put together that you consider your fav's?

Sallie Fabulous: Luv ur videos but please could you clip hair up lol thanx

Lara: I love this look! It's browns but looks purpley.

PaulaB44: I'm a dork. This video popped up in my Recently Uploaded videos...clearly not recently uploaded!!!! You were on Fire last year too!!! Did you ever get the Duraline?

PaulaB44: Don't forget to get Duraline. Oh and by the way an Inglot sales person in New York suggested taking the liner (or whatever other product your using Duraline for) out and put on a palette then put a drop of the Duraline to mix. She said you'll use less product and putting Duraline directly in product can mess it up over time. Thanks for all your amazing videos!!!! You are on Fire this year!!!

Sky Keele: I have a question, hopefully you can help me out. I've had a problem for the last few months with keeping makeup on my nose. My nose gets super oily during the day. I've tried primer and setting spray but it keeps coming off, the foundation gets spotty. I apply powder on my nose throughout the day by patting it on but it still keeps coming off, any ideas?

Xoe vicious: can I ask what you do for a living. you have so many expensive products I would love to know so I could perhaps follow in your footsteps :)

Melissa Boyd: Hi Brianna! Could you possibly provide similar eyeshadow colors in MUG to replicate this look? Thank you so much!

Bogumila Stanek: i have moonstone shimmering becca too and has got simialr fair skin as you have but cannot see difference with highlighting

AbateArts: I really love your tutorials. They inspire me to try harder to work with makeup tricks I have not tried yet and not be scared. I just discovered your videos and find them very helpful. Do you have a video on applying eyelashes and the best ones to buy? That is something I have NEVER been able to achieve on my own. :( Ha well thanks so much!

Freakiie: Does anyone else use ur puppy as a phone stand

Linda Marshall: please do a video about brushes; how and when to wash, how much product to put on them, and do you tap or blow off excess.... thank you

One2beauty: STUNNING

Kelsey Davis: your skin always looks so flawless! my pores are terrible! what can I use skin care wise to deep clean and minimize?
Classic Smokey Eye - New Products! | Brianna Fox 5 out of 5

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Classic Smokey Eye - New Products! | Brianna Fox