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Foam vs Microfiber - Choosing The Correct Polishing Pad - Chemical Guys CAR CARE
Foam vs Microfiber - Choosing The Correct Polishing Pad - Chemical Guys CAR CARE
Foam vs. Microfiber Polisher Pad Comparison (w/ The Junkman)
Foam vs. Microfiber Polisher Pad Comparison (w/ The Junkman)
Foam VS Microfiber Polishing Pads: When To Use Them!
Foam VS Microfiber Polishing Pads: When To Use Them!
Microfiber Cutting Pads - Are You Using Them Wisely?
Microfiber Cutting Pads - Are You Using Them Wisely?

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Buff Daddy: I simply can not believe dis detailed review, its more like an elaborate... Amazing work dude. Thank you for your service. IMO i love how you explain many things that seller just wont tell you because they want u to buy their product again, which I fully understand but again, its a sort of a pickle move to be honest.

Brandon Mills: Hello again, first off I'd like to thank you for your past responses!

I am preping to apply two coats of Cquartz UK on my 2015 VW Golf in the Silk Blue Metallic colour. It is still a fairly new car, but it does have some light scratches and swirls, along with the odd deep scratch (about 3-5 on doors and bumpers). My current products I have are: CarPro Essence (using as a 1-step and primer for Cquartz UK), a CarPro 5" Gloss Pad, and a 5.5" LC flat cutback Orange Light Cutting pad.I plan on doing a test section on my hood where there is a decent amount of light-moderate scratches. The deeper scratches are on my doors and bumpers. I used the LC Orange Light Cutting pad t to polish my rims (and had great success in removing almost all scratches and imperfections aside from very deep ones), however this was much softer paint (as they were repainted and I found myself in a similar situation you experienced with your wheels), so my question is do you recommend I pickup a MF cutting and polishing pad before I proceed?? I am worried I will not achieve the correction I am looking for on the deeper scratches with my current two foam pads on my hard German paint. Do you think I should get some more pads before proceeding to my testing phase, or is what I currently have good enough for 85-95% correction in my situation??? I just don't want to be disappointed and I already have an order in the works, so I want to take advantage of free shipping rather than having to pay for shipping on just pads if I'm not happy after testing with the foam. I know you have worlds more experience than me, this will be my first crack at polishing other than my rims, and your videos have helped tremendously! Not so much on my bank account, but It's worth it for the results haha! Thanks again.

MAXIMILAN2QAT: Hi Sandro , my Q about Megs MF Cutting pad durability , when need to replace it with new one ? 2-3cars?

Steve Harrison: Probably one of the most useful videos I have seen on pads. Really nicely done. It is a lot of info to take in so I will be watching again and again. I am curious to know your thoughts on the Shine Mate Diamond Foam pads if you care to comment. Thank you again!

Steve Sweetin: You sir should be awarded a PhD in pad applications. This is the reference compendium on the subject. Good on ya.

Zac Mawdsley: Bravo sir! You just created a polishing pad Bible, thank you for an excellent video that I can refer to time and time again. I have some shine mate on order before seeing this so I'm glad they are good.. You'll have to build on it further with the chemical guys hex logic range and maybe some Chinese cheapies for fun. Thanks so much, love your videos!

Mick Taylor: Hi mate. another great presentation. So your favourite is Shine mate Foam pads and lake country HDO micro fibre pads for outright results. Yeah i see Buff and Shine gets a wrap by other people and would be interesting to see how their patent pending pads go. Just on obtaining that best possible finish in prep for wax/ ceramic coating what would be your choice of pads in order of use???? I.E. after using a CSS black finishing polish pad using Menzerna 3500 then moving onto Car Pro Essence or Polish Angel to then get the paint the best shine,gloss, smoothness????? I was thinking about either CSS red or gold pads, Car Pro Gloss or the Shine Mate final finish pads. I have to blame you because you bring the passion and investigator out in me!!!!!! Just one that appreciates the best possible finish on my own cars and others if I do some. Yeah like some look forward to further comparisions like the Buff and Shine Microfibre pads as anything that makes life easier and better quality then love that. Cheers mate.

Oliver Taylor: Great review, it's great to know about the Shine Mate pads being a good pad, I can buy the small ones from a good supplier here in the UK.

มะนาว หลงฤดู: ฟังไม่ออก แปลให้หน่อย

don schlegel: Great Thanks

Paul P: Hi Sandro . What pads (brand, colour) would you use on a Mitsubishi Pajero. It's supposed to have soft paint and don't want to ruin it. I have some ZAS maroon and yellow pads. would these work with Menzerna FG400 SF2400 or SF4000? I can use a 8mm throw or 15mm polisher.

Relentless0neFPS: Still sub'd. I liked, which also go's to my twitter and now I'm going to comment. I felt like this video was directed to me. After all the questions you answered for me before I polished my car. I think next time I do, I'm going to try something a bit more aggressive. Being that you told me my paint is on the hard side. I was wondering about some of these pads. Can you use any of them with a DA polisher? I see that the hole in the middle is good for a rotary polisher, but would it be fine to use on a DA as well as some of the other pads in this video? Thanks for all the info. Well, if you ever make it up here to the Northwest in the states, I'll buy you a beer. (or more).

Eric Welborn: Give an address and I will ship you a Griots Boss Microfiber pad. It is a thing of beauty.

Matt Woywod: First of all, the Lake Country ultra fiber pads were by far the worst microfiber pads I've ever used. While I liked the dense foam interface, the fibers matted down easily and gave an uneven cut. That said, the new HDO pads are incredible and one of my new favorite microfiber cutting pads. The BEST microfiber pad for 1-step corrections is the new uro-fiber pads by Buff and Shine. You need to try them whenever you get the opportunity. Heck, I'll ship you one to you to try out. They run extremely cool, cut great with a compound, and finish lsp ready on most paints when paired with polished like HD polish+ or scholl concepts s30+. Also, guys are havingLots of success using them with HD speed. If buff and shine pads are easily accessible in Australia, definitely buy one of these pads, if not, let me know and I'll ship one to you. The run really cool and are more durable than any microfiber pad on the market. Also, you HAVE to try the griots garage boss microfiber pad. They may actually be better than the HDO and the Uro-fiber pads combined. you're the man. Btw, has anyone told you guys in Melbourne that you are mis-spelling microfiber? Just kidding. Love you

Michel Narbonne: Like always great great great video, 98% of the time I use Meguiar's microfiber pads and the result are amazing of curse. I have also Lake Country pads witch are great pads. I do work for a car dealer full time and part time on the side at home for over 20 years, can tell you those Meguiar's pads are getting beat of use, every passes are clean with blowing air on the pad and washed every day they are still in good shape. What I found is with Sonax EX-04-06 and Sonax Cutmax are fantastic and given me great result with the microfiber pads specially on black paint.Thanks again for the great video.Michel from Québec, Canada

Tomato Industries Detailing: I found this one a little hard to follow as you were talking about MF pads but the writing and pictures explained the foam pads pro's and con's. I'm a simple fellow who can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

pepecoco: Great! More orders for Shinemate Pads :)

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