Buying Your First Chuck For Your Wood Lathe?

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Buying Your First Chuck for Your Wood Lathe?
Buying Your First Chuck for Your Wood Lathe?
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Should you buy a Record SC4 chuck?
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What Size Lathe Should You Buy?
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TakeAmericaBackfromISRAEL: Take a drink of beer every time he says Chuck, lol

mpetersen6: I was at a woodworking show not long after Robust came out with their lathes. The owner of Robust formerly worked as a Toolmaker's. I did Toolroom work for 30+ years. I asked how come no wood lathes where built so that they could use metal working collets and fixturing. Simply because they are much more robust (pun intended). He said that one reason was cost. Bigger bearings, bigger headstocks and so forth. He also said the average wood turner wouldn't know what to do with them. From the other end I've considered in the past just how usable one of the better Wood Chuck's would be for lighter duty metal working. Especially with soft jaws instead of the ones that come with the Chuck's. But then that means making adaptors and such.

James Rash: Thanks for the information. As a newbie this helps a lot. Can you tell me what 50 mm M14 means please.

Nathan Chambers: I have my chucks. I use the Nova Chuck, face plate and a worm screw. They suit my needs for now as I'm a novice. The problem that I'm having is tools and tool rests. I have a harbor freight lathe ( which serve my needs for now) and their tool set. The lathe is nice but the tools.... well... ummm... how to say this??.. They suck. I can't hollow out a bowl or cup of any real depth without catching and gouging the insides. ( and sometimes the outside ). Can you suggest a decent tool set that doesn't break my bank?

mlminto: i had a nova chuck for my jet 1624 (left over from a nova lathe) at first, but upgraded to a big vicmarc - turned for years with it, never needed any jaws other than the original that came with the chuck. very large min/max range for all types of turning. it was great.

Dasaster 79: Thank you for the great information.

J. Seagroves: Looking for a new hobby. I'm a fire fighter with a 1.5 yo so I'm on a budget lol.. What would be a good lathe to start off with for pen turning or turning small bowls. Thinking of looking for a used one on Craigslist. Is there anything i should look for or stay away from?

Jack zhao: mini chuck ,I processing。

MT Mals: Is there a standard size drive shaft. My older Craftsman lathe has a 3/4" x 16 threaded shaft I'd like to buy a chuck for..any suggestions appreciated. Thanks...Just found an old style AMD 3/4" x 16 on Ebay. Should clean up nicely.

Mike West: Don't take me wrong,I was raised in union household. I have a 1930'S craftsman made by atlas press company. It has a 3/4 #1 morse taper shaft but it does have a indexed cone pulley it cost me 50.00 with 6 chisels one was a d r Bartow 1880's

Mumma Toni: my nova she is if i am purchasing thread from usa it is 1 1/4 x 8 and if purchasing within my home country Australia which i then use m30 x 3.5 and both do fit no hassles on my nova. juat thought i would share to help you

Rob's Woodworking: Hi Mike i am here in Australia and i bought a nova G3 chuck as i have a symtec lathe made in here in Australia back in the early 1980s and it works fine and do fine the lathe is a little under powered some times but its a great first lathe and i have a Laguna 18-36 coming in the new year and can't wait to turn some big bowls and platters from 10 to 18 inch dia. love your videos mike keep up the good work .cheers rob

Randy Kniebes: Thank you for this very informative video, Mike... I bought a used delta 16-745 that was made in 2001. The previous owner bought a baracuda 2000 chuck... I have been using it for about 9 months and it is not turning smoothly, loose gears, ect... so I agree with you.... I am saving my money to buy a powermatic 3520C (almost there)... But i need a good chuck... I now know what to look for thanks to you....

Ed Hekman: Thanks for the very informative discussion of chucks. I wish the manufacturers would specify the range of travel of the jaws. The Supernova2 as you mentioned has only a 3/4" travel range but the Oneway Stronghold chuck has a 2 1/4" travel range. So it takes 3 jaw sets for the Supernova2 to cover the range on the Oneway Stronghold. The additional jaws required for the Supernova2 to cover the 2 1/4" range of the Stronghold brings the cost of the Supernova2 nearly equal to the cost of the Stronghold. So I now have 3 Supernova2 chucks and 1 Stronghold chuck.
You also recommend that the tenon should be cut to the optimum size for the jaws to be used. Imposing the chuck requirements on the design of the product to be turned is something I prefer to avoid. It seems to me that the compromised holding strength on a tenon that is not optimized for the chuck jaws is usually minimal. For example, reducing the diameter of a tenon by 3/4" to match the optimal size for the jaws substantially reduces the strength of the tenon and increases the torque on the tenon.

Peter Compton: Thanks Mike. I have three chucks so that I don't have to change the Jaws. My Lathe has 10TPI, and my Club has 8TPI so I have one of the adaptors you talked about so that I can take my own chuck and bring my project home to finish if necessary.
Merry Christmas and New Year to your family

Sid Matheny: Another great video Mike. Lots of very good info for those just getting started turning, Thanks for taking the time to make all these videos.

Don Lyons: Thank you sir very informative.

Gary McCoy: Good information Mike. My first chuck was a Nova. I needed another set of jaws, and changing the Nova was a real pain. I decided that I would go with the Easy Chuck and invest in additional jaws instead of having several different chucks. BTW, I love my Easy Chuck.

Marc 's Oneway of turning: Hello M. Mike. Very nice video; I think I will do the same subject on my french youtube channel. Thanks for sharing. Marc

eggypickle: As far as I know the Record Power SC3 is almost identical to a Nova G3 - in fact Record Power used to distribute Nova chucks in the UK (and Europe, I assume) with Record Power co-branding, I'm guessing they have some sort of shared arrangement to the design.

Maybe there has been a split now though - either way the jaws seem to be interchangeable.
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Buying Your First Chuck for Your Wood Lathe?