Katy Perry Makeup (Drugstore) Tutorial

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Katy Perry Makeup (Drugstore) Tutorial
Katy Perry Makeup (Drugstore) Tutorial
COVERGIRL KATY PERRY  Katy Kat Affordable Drugstore Makeup Tutorial
COVERGIRL KATY PERRY Katy Kat Affordable Drugstore Makeup Tutorial
Trying Katy Perry Mascara + NEW Drugstore Makeup ;)
Trying Katy Perry Mascara + NEW Drugstore Makeup ;)
Katy Perry Super Bowl 2015 Makeup Tutorial  FULL DRUGSTORE
Katy Perry Super Bowl 2015 Makeup Tutorial FULL DRUGSTORE

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Luxe Beauty: I know i'm all late watching this video but I reallllly love your eye makeup in it!! It's gorgeous!

Dan!ela: 💗 IT!.

Mary Egan: your lashes are massive im so jealous

TotalAwsumness666: tiffany looks so pretty in this tutorial

Katiedid .LikeCrazy: @makeupbyD5 ummm wow.... hostility much? Sorry not all of us can afford eyeshadows for 18 dollars a pop like Urban Decay and MAC. True some brands like Wet n' Wild one has to be weary of, but L'oreal, Revlon, and such are just fine and dandy! Why pay out your butt when you don't have to! And obviously she's doing something right cause look, it came out just fine!

Katiedid .LikeCrazy: I love this! I've been looking for HOURS for a nice kind of icy/winter look to wear for my Christmas party at work, and I could find NOTHING that I really liked on here, but this I love! Hand to the amazing Katy Perry to inspire this!!!

Jessica H.: @onlyaddictedbaby yes of course you just need a bigger sharpener... you can get one at the drug store... just look

ebonygaia: I deadset do this look all the time, Katy Perry inspired me so i decided to watch some torurials to further inspire my makeup looks, and i clicked this one, because i have watched some other of your videos and they are great (: however im so dumbfounded that i have been doing this look for about a year as well!

Raquel Carpio: can you sharpen jumbo pencils? i have a few but i dont know if i can sharpen them or not

Starfruitx13: @luvweiners since when?

Omg5hoes2103: i wish i had ur lashes =(

Deedee1105: in wich drugs can i find N.Y.X? because they dont have it in my wallgreens? any suggestions? =) thx!

YourPalVal: You are such a great make-up teacher! So easy to follow and the looks you do are fun, but still lady-like and classy =0)

buttermytoastplz: Ariana Grande makeup tutorial please :)!

Marina Zafiris: You have amazing lashes!

Caylen H: your eyes look incredible; the silver makes them look silver too :)

MichelleGenevieve: i'm wearing this look for prom!

Joyce Tang: you have gorgeous eyes! :)

Minnow ///: @blackhairedfake Leesha is amazing. She doesn't do the same thing in different colors. But even still, I do love Tiffany. I wish she would do a makeup tutorial for the snow queen in never ending story

FinalDestination018: @hukelauidol Falsies?
Katy Perry Makeup (Drugstore) Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Katy Perry Makeup (Drugstore) Tutorial