FIFA World Cup 2014 - Round Of 16 Review

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Cinephile 98: Holland cheated. No era penal. Which means it wasn't a penalty. Love your Dutch kit. I was expecting a number 10. You know, Robben.

Mustache Cash Dash Soccer: No ERA PENAL

666 Mafia: That game was very disappointing

Salvy: Netherlands all day

NewGuybj: Guess you had a lot of stress yesterday in Netherlands- Costa Rica match.Tough game. Both teams played very good.

TheMetroSounds: when is the next vid the quarters ended

Majid Michael: Netherlands barely won by penalties against Costa Rica and congrats btw. Also when is the review of the quarter finals coming

Alena Galstyan: dutch i think the finals will be Netherlands vs Germany but my prediction was Argentina vs Brazil in the beggining now that Neymar is out of the world cup i believe the finals will be Germany vs Netherlands with the Netherlands winning the world cup good video BTW

Omar German: So Gta 4? :,(((( when???

LauranM2K: I think France vs. Germany is going to be a boring match to watch and end up in penalties. I think France will win with penalties.
Brazil vs. Colombia could go either way, but I think that Brazil is going to win this, just because the World Cup is in Brazil. Maybe they'll need extra time or penalties again.
I think Costa Rica shouldn't be a problem for us, The Netherlands. Yes, Costa Rica was playing good against Uruguay and Italy, but in both other games, against England and Greece, they weren't anything special anymore. It was more luck than wisdom in my opinion and I believe they'll play like that again against our country.
I think Argentina vs. Belgium will be won by Argentina. Both teams didn't deserve to be in the 1/4 finals in my opinion, even though Belgium played pretty good against the USA. But I think Argentina will win this, probably with a lot of luck.

The Big Dog: Dutch I hope if ur country ever goes against Argentina that u crush them! :D

The Big Dog: Congrats Dutch on winning 2-1 against Mexico

Hicksmania 21: Germany, Colombia, Argentina and Netherlands will win

Woud Wilder: I am following you on your predictions for the quarters but not on the Argentina vs Belgian game.Argentina looks like 11 individuals that don't form a unit and they are vulnerable in the back.They are to dependent from Messi and when Belgium now being the underdog can play their typical fast switching from defense to offense game than Argentina will be faced with problems all over the pitch.Furthermore apart from Messi I believe Belgium has at least as much talent as Argentina and they seem to have a little more depth with substitutes than can make the difference as well.As a Belgian,I am biased of course but I am trying to look at this objectively and I really believe we have a good chance at beating Argentina.And if that happens we probably have a lowlands semifinal as I think this will be a bridge to far for Costa Rica...I really would like to see a semi-final Belgium-Netherlands :-)

Woud Wilder: Greece penalty was deserved against Ivory coast.There was contact that caused the Greece player to lose his balance. It was a small contact but it was contact.

Ulises Flores: Props to the rest of the Holland squad though.

Carlos Eduardo Mota: First like

Kevin QuiƱonez: First
FIFA world cup 2014 - Round of 16 Review 5 out of 5

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FIFA world cup 2014 - Round of 16 Review