How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

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How To Wear Mascara Like A Pro 2 Ways
The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!!
The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!!

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Sabir Khan: madachod Hinde bol

Jiwon Kim: I forgot i subscribed to you before 💕

Cecile Ward: Ugh the struggles of being a girl -.-

Silent Studios Skits: Freddie Mercury is my hero (besides Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and I saw that he wore mascara, and my moto is: "If Freddie did it, anybody can do it." But my eyebrows are naturally long and dark, so nobody notices when I put it on lol.

Henrik Torp: Where's the eyelash curler? you are totally doing this wrong.

Marah Alzubi: My problem is applying mascara to the lashes near the corner of my eye (the corner besides the nose)

mergirl2000 Dunne: My favorite mascara is Chubby lash by Clinique!
Can't be without it!

D3V3TT3: Who else has long top eyelashes but really small bottom eyelashes

Eden Wodajo: That moment when you put on your mascara so well but then you accidently smudge some on your eyelids....


Alex Vintage: Somebody has a tip to avoid getting mascara in the eyes? :D

Gabbie's Unlimited Toys Review: I tried. I really did. They turned out crusty. 😂

Samantha Gil: What a queen

morpheus goddess: all the boys in my class are hot and have long lashes 😑 Genes -.-

Robyn Dalton lifestyle and makeup: thank you for making this video and you are so helpful and I love that about you

Sevda ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ박지민: when i apply mascara it looks like spider legs lmfao ;--;

Kyut Psycho: 90% - boys have long lashes!
5% - I have no lashes
5% - hi

Anosha H: This is exactly what my dentist does when he shows me how to use a toothbrush. U just wiggle it side to side and sweep up...

mallory: Damn i just wish my lashes curl on their own when i blink into the wand, yeah i have asian straight lashes but what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Katey Jennel: For u people who need a closer look 1:03 :)

Nancy Darling: That was really helpful.
How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro 5 out of 5

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I first tried the Sally's generic brand. I like it, it's very moisturizing on my hair. I have also tried the real conditioner, it also works well. In comparing the two, the real PMTC has a slightly more pleasant smell and the consistency is creamier than the Sally's Generic PMTC. I also think the real PMTC slightly defined my curls more, but that is not a big factor for me. I look for my leave-ins to give me moisture. My gels define my curls well enough. I would definitely buy the Sally's again. There's not a huge enough difference for me to justify the price tag of the real stuff.
Hope this helps!

DrFruikenstein: Spacewar?!!!
That alone is worth the price of the entire haul.
I played it in the middle 80's, and never saw it again, until '03.
Probably the most satisfying game I've ever played (although Gorilla, Lemmings, and Hydro Thunder are high on my list, too).

LOV3RFUL: She's always sexy!! And especially with her man!!!
Nika: what part is this: 1:25? Thank you
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How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro