Canon Vixia HF S10 / HF S100 / HF S11

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Review: Canon Vixia HF S100
Dolphins - Seaworld Orlando - Canon Vixia HF S10 / HF S100 / HF S11
Dolphins - Seaworld Orlando - Canon Vixia HF S10 / HF S100 / HF S11
First Day - Canon Vixia HF S10 / HF S100 / HF S11
First Day - Canon Vixia HF S10 / HF S100 / HF S11
Canon Vixia HF S11 Camcorder Review
Canon Vixia HF S11 Camcorder Review

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Performance Plus Productions: Nice video and your daughter is precious. One things I noticed though, very crisp, but a little washed, as many cameras do with hazy conditions, but the thing I noticed most was the panning seemed a little shaky. Does this camera not have image stabilization? Because my Sony CX500 seems to do much better at it than your panning and walking shots. Although I have noticed a very slight color or contrast loss, only slightly. Nice job.

Alter Nativo: Amazin BRO!! :D

Charles Hodge: @ytjd3 I agree

Mark Garrett: I can not up load to youtube my movie is 640 by 480 very small 7 minutes long 25 frames . MAGIX 17 PLUS. HELP it keeps failing. GOOD JOB. Iit takes longer BUT frame your shots and use a tripod and have a story it will make people cry when put together right , put your wife in the shots all together, well done. your daughter is beautiful


Scott: whats the name of this song

Udom Simon: Very nice vid. Live life :)

raheelhameed1: one of the most beautiful video i've ever seen in my life :) thanks a lot for sharing.

PeteyVX12: @TheCouchCrusader thanks i use vegas pro 8 and ill def use that export method.... and the 2 videos i meant for you to watch are called canon vixia hf200 scenery tests 1 and 2.... i think they look good

PeteyVX12: hello, this video i can describe as one word: beautiful... the quality is amazing, the scenes were touching as well as music and motion. if you have time id like you to see my 2 test videos with the vixia hf200... what i would like to know is what software you use and what setting(export method) you choose to render your finished product as because it looks very crisp, and i think mine looks good but i just want another opinion. also, your camera is better but i have one not far in competition

straightoutadawood: thankyou, this was a huge help!

Appl Photo: Funny thing is I enjoyed this video so much that my girlfriend and I watched it all over again today. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to more vids!

straightoutadawood: hey, ive been looking at this camera for a while now because my sony dcr-sr42 wont sync with my imovie and i cant upload any videos or any audio. would you happen to know if canons have a good relationship with imovie? thanks alot, i appreciate it.

transformed1001: I bought this camera 2 weeks ago, I love it!

Appl Photo: Excellent video. I don't normally watch 10 minute videos but I felt compelled to enjoy it all. Great job and thanks for sharing!

transformed1001: I just ordered this camera tonight, should get it weds. can't wait. Nice video, it made my eyes watery, lol.

Chris Lea: check out the canon website and the vixia hf s20 better and cheaper.

Livin' The MOMMY Life: thankyou..i will give the trial a try. It has been so frustrating trying to edit my video! have you tried burning to a dvd? does it work fine? thanks

Livin' The MOMMY Life: great video! i have this camera and need a video editing software. what did you use? i bought adobe premeire elements 8, but it is no good!

Prasad Dudwadkar: Awesome video, touchy indeed. 20 years later when your daughter watches the video she will relive the moments. Too goood.
Canon Vixia HF S10 / HF S100 / HF S11 5 out of 5

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MoFoCThat: lol, I remember having the Rhino as a kid, great review as always!
Teh Xin Yang: Cool dragon knight bro
Delightful Travellers: Amazing video. Well done! We truly enjoyed it.
Lightnin Tha Masta: XDXDXD "plays" XDXDXD
JayProFitness: Looks like a toy, cant do dis to my tundra never. Loool.
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Canon Vixia HF S10 / HF S100 / HF S11