How To Apply Blush + E.l.f Blush Palette Review

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How to apply blush + E.l.f Blush palette review ♡
How to apply blush + E.l.f Blush palette review ♡
ELF Studio Blush Palette Review
ELF Studio Blush Palette Review
Elf Cream Blush Palettes! FI Swatches! Demo!
Elf Cream Blush Palettes! FI Swatches! Demo!
Elf Blush Palette Dark Review & Swatches
Elf Blush Palette Dark Review & Swatches

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Jyoti Kafle: Can you tellme your lipstick name?

fatima Fatima: You are so beautiful please share your skin care routine

Tyrone Brown: Why would you get the dark one when you're SO PALE???!!

***ANEL BOJORGE***: I'm so in love with that palette !.😍😍😍


Kristen S.: Love ittttt absolutely beautifulllllll

Hamza Memon: omg u r jzt d 1 girl who like most u r gorgeous n ur hair too I m sis of dis user!!!

k torrento: Do you think that the brush has affect on the application of this blush? Because when you apply it, it looks so smooth and not so bold or clownish. I have these blushes and gosh it's so hard to get it to look this flawless because it so pigmented.

Elizabeth Holoweiko: I got this and the colors are so beautiful but it doesnt work on my tone sadly 
The only one is the lightest shade but only if I dap a little on.

Lili Rose: Hello, am just a bit surprised..
at min1:54, your skin appears unferfect, real, not retouched.... and few seconds later... suddenly all imperfections desappear... young girls are looking you and try to look as perfect... why not just show them that perfection doesnt exist... unless it is photoshoped... but your techniques are interesting......

Marbelly Valle: I love E.L.F. I think it's so underrated bc it's a drug store brand and it's so cheap you think it's no good but it actually turns out to be so great. You can't go wrong with it, it's beautiful, it's affordable, it's vegan AND cruelty-free. It's simply awesome! Loved this tutorial! And review! :D

Kim Basciano: I just Bought this today & can't wait to try it! Thanks for your video love you! 💙

tulip2111: very helpful!

TheChum1981: dang girl, the quality of this video is amazing!! good job.

Sheila Hicks: Do you bleach your facial hair??? Or wax tht crap off??... Just curious. Not saying your hairy

Kristine Joanne: I have this and it's my absolute faaaaave.

Abryda Rodrigues: I agree for $6 can't beat it. I got the light palette with the slanted kabuki brush amazing love it!!! Thanks for sharing😘

highkey_xo: Omg i Was Excited Cause I Went To Target Nd Theres Hella E.l.f Products , Really Cheap , Ima Buy The Pallet (:

Monica K: Pretty green eyes!

Kimberly Cherrell: YES! The blushes are amazing. I found myself using them in every tutorial :)
How to apply blush + E.l.f Blush palette review ♡ 5 out of 5

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How to apply blush + E.l.f Blush palette review ♡