1972 Yamaha 360 RT2 . Restored Better Than New From A Boneyard Scrap .

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cool music: Awesome bike, ride the heck out of it.

Nepomuk Frettchenbande: WOW - looks really better than new !
A question please: Which tires did you mount (brand and model) ?

Brian Trend: this is my favourite video of all time. I had this bike when I was 21 . I owe this amazing mindblowing bike plenty . it was a chick magnet , I freaked chicks through this bike . I wish I could find another bike like this beauty. they just don't make them like this anymore ,I started this bike with flipflops but never made it a habit. used to carry my surfboard on the side and under my arse

sanivap .sanivap: I had the same in 1979 ... very powerful for his time!

Patrick Leclerc: Sweet Bike!

randal sanders: Where did you order or go to find parts for that bike?

P J 1: Better than new. Had a silver one in 1978.

Greg Maggio: I guess banjos are more fitting than an electric guitar..🎸

B Sedgwick: Well done!  Had that one back in high school.

Mopeds, Scooters and Cruisers: Wait, no wheelies? Those were wheelie kings back in the day.

malipiper: I have a 1973 360, that I am in the process of breaking down now so I can have the frame and other parts powder coated. My dad bought this bike new and I can remember at 4 years old sitting on the tank and holding onto the cross bar as my dad took me for my first ride. If you are willing I would love to ask you a few questions about your beautiful restoration.

Steve Hacker: AMAZING bike! Just lose the music, sound effects, and slide show, and make it an ACTUAL VIDEO THROUGHOUT, and let us hear the bike the WHOLE TIME... The cheesy music, and ESPECIALLY the awful sound effects really need to go, man. And even better, how about video of the actual restoration PROCESS?

Francis Kok: I also have one of this 360cc RT1, and later over the year, several 250 DT1 too.. The RT1 is a real badass, as the name said "angle-breaker".. because my neighborhood mechanic found out.. a blue-black angle... that the reason Yamaha put in a de-compression valve on top of the exhaust port.. the kick-back is nasty..

Eric Drossart: Du bel ouvrage !! Bravo Micou ! Et quel coup de jarret, avec ça elle démarre du premier coup ... tu casses le mythe !!J'aime 👍 la conclusion poétique avec ce coordonné classieux de gris ! Trop fort l'artiste

Victor Alejandro: Transformation Azombrosa! une machine vraiment belle. Félicitations. Salutations de l'Argentine

Power Wagon: I had the RT I version black with red pinstripes.

Vic Camenzuli: fantastic, I have a two owner RT2 that has been 'stored' for 37 years. all there but the fork tubes have rusted.

Christian Roux: J'ai la même moto, j'aimerais les mêmes balades… Merci Micou, on en veut encore, et encore.

K Male: Beautiful. I had a '72 in my junior and senior year of HS in '75 & '76. Great bike. Super restoration. There dont seem to be too many around anymore.

03bonneville: Super job.....killer bike
1972 Yamaha 360 RT2 . Restored better than new from a boneyard scrap . 5 out of 5

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cool music: Awesome bike, ride the heck out of it.
syafiq mildan: what size of the tire?
Frog24: It would be a prefect cliffhanger for a anime.
DarGadgetZ: sweet product :D
KING SAMUTAY: TheRadBrad did the impossible stairs in one try
E w: Can you add snow baskets to them?
norma osorto: pero tu no deves maquillarte porque no se te ve bien con ese mumonton de pelo en la cara no se te ve favorable

1972 Yamaha 360 RT2 . Restored better than new from a boneyard scrap .