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teixas 77: True divers Dreams watch. SEIKO
hi i'm emily: "You freakin' freaker freakin' freak!"
KRIS B: Thank You but i got Question How to set to throw timings during idle etc ??
Ирина Шафикова: а вы где живете...так рассада изрослась?
Николай Кузнецов: ДАаааа хороша королка) обзор, как всегда на высоте, так держать)
Neal Kashyap: Which device is that on left top, I want to buy that colour changing device bro.
chubkuriboh: awesome review can't wait for rebirth due to my comic book store i missed the first 3 issues so i have 2 wait for the tpb can't wait thougham a huge flash fan will check out that website peaceout chubkuriboh:-)

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