Hair Tutorial: Loose, Soft Romantic Curls

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Chelsea Johnson: Okay, so I'm having a total binge on your channel whilst I have a cold and this is the first video I've seen you without red hair. Looks sooooo different! You probably already know this but... you look so much better and more distinctive with red hair! But I'm biased because I'm a redhead too! Not that you don't look like a hotty with blonde/brown but with red hair you look drop dead GORGEOUS! Like a movie star from the 50s kinda level of gorgeous! XXX

Barbara Coradin: You have such a great face came out beautiful

Ashton Bryson: As another girl living in Florida (I live right outside Orlando), I must do you get your curls to stay in the summer? With it being so humid here I can never get my curls to stay.

Lisa Remo: I use that Keratindose from Biolage all the time. I'm on my third bottle. Love the stuff. Great for my curly, frizzy hair.

Yvonne Hubeli: Hi love!
I just came across your channel and spent the last 2 hours of this lazy sunday afternoon watching your videos😊
And HELLO: you rock girl👍
You are talented,beautiful, funny and down to it💖

Chris Undow: so for each side of your head do you curl all sections in the same direction or do you switch every other etc?

Lauren Rauh: omg i have the same exact curler and i have wore my hair like this for like a year love it!

David Baum: I'm on my cousins Page that's why it's a boy

David Baum: Your hair is pretty when you it 😄

Romarie W: I always love your videos.  You are always so on point and I love that you know what you're talking about.  Your hair in this video is so perfect and gorgeous.  Romantic, indeed!

I wanted you to know that you’ve been included in my “Great Hair for Valentine’s Day” post at my site   I’ve included a link to your video so that more may see.  Blessings!

misslechateau: Gorgeous!

CarNation Luv: Hello again, and many, many thanks for doing this!😝 I think I have this wand, and you make it look so darn easy. Had a very hard day today and this just made me so happy. I'm a fairly recent sub-I saw your 1940's makeup vid and you won me over with your class and sass😉. Happy Valentine's Day Z!

Heather Regan: You are just so gorgeous and I love your videos :)

Ne Cit: Tutorial on your new room please...???

Birdie R: What did you put in your hair before you blew it out? I have hair very similar to yours and have a hard time choosing a product (mousse, cream, gel etc.) that will hold a style. Thanks for the video!

Kelly Turner: Your hair always looks so soft! I love it. What products do you use?

SweetLillyMoonAsmr: Beautiful hairstyle tyvm for this tutorial!

Brandy Reed: Love love it....

Litfromwithin: I am so glad you used your fingers to tease the curls out a little. I see tutorials done on beautiful curls, then they run a brush through them 😁

New Creation (Ana): So pretty! Looks easy 2 do 😊💖
Hair Tutorial: Loose, Soft Romantic Curls 5 out of 5

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Hair Tutorial: Loose, Soft Romantic Curls