Blighted Cubsprout Review - Miscrits SK

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Blighted Cubsprout Review - Miscrits SK
Blighted Cubsprout Review - Miscrits SK
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Patuscho Plays: Now this guy is even more powerful than before, his last 47 ap move got boosted, can be used as much times as you want, probably one of best nature crits now

Przemek Wojdyła: where or in which a packet can i find Blighted Cubsprout?

david cen: Is this crit worth buying????

Shahid Hussain: That EA move is good. It is like a last-resort snipe. Really creative!

Patuscho Plays: i don't think this beast will release in blightfall, coz it's "Blightfall Exclusive" :P

Midow. K: what font do you use to make video thumbnail ? 😯

cookie fox: when blighted fall patch come in ?

XxHAMMERTIME95Xx: What does speed do to miscrits?

Yeti Man: Dem final moves doe! Epic crit :D

Luka Batković: I wish Blightfall is separated game

Cva Thapa: That's the cubsprout I want :) Looks cool but still normal one is best! :)

DadOfHitler Gaming: Omg his strong..

Kozlov Monroe: My thoughts on this miscrit would be that it's basically a follow up of helyon. I say* this miscrit isn't worth buying, because in a few months(i hope). We should get blightfall.

Marktony Kinsey: When is blight fall coming out? It was supposed to last month...

x3Eyon: His pa is kinda same with Elite rudy's 

69trashmeme69: Blighted cubsprout just rekt him...

YuhBoy: Is he free?

Jeff TK: keep giving more blightfall early releases, we are just waiting for blightfall not more f*cking blighted crits

Antonijo Filipović: Wow, I wonder how powerful Blighted Hydroseal will be.

Xx Oshiete xX: Useless
Blighted Cubsprout Review - Miscrits SK 5 out of 5

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Психолог Николай Лу: Привет, ну как, не сперли байк еще? Норм секретки? Я как раз ищу какие купить
fluttershy thecutest: Aj seems to be the most normal
Michael SANCHEZ: Regarding the issue with the jig movimg I noticed that with the P80 stuff and all I did was use a Irwin clamp on both side of the jig to ensure it doesn't move. You can also put a couple short wood screws through it to do the same thing as this jig. The screws and nuts you guys use on your jig is a great idea.
Matti Heubner: Frust ist für dich eine verständliche Erklärung, einem Vater mit Kind ein Bein zu stellen und danach auch noch ein Kind zu treten?! Dann auch noch sehr viel gefährliches Halbwissen in deinen Äußerungen...
Gwyn, Lord of Cinder: If ur still stuck if you get loc lac armor it gives heat resistance and pro transporter. also get full health and some mega dash juice and u should be able to do it pretty easily
Sim Yuen Hern: just found out something you
probably won't find anywhere else about this ggc: if michele is summoned, but gx is manually killed (no
explosion), she will idle and say "crabby i will find you!" and act paralyzed for the rest of the battle, no normal
attack whatsoever

CourtneyLobster: I want one of these!

Blighted Cubsprout Review - Miscrits SK