How To Tweeze Eyebrows - Salon Perfect Style - Step By Step Guide - DIY

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How to Perfectly Groom your own Eyebrows
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How I Grew Out My Eyebrows! tashaleelyn
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Sally EngLang: at where ? ? ?

Justice Hayes: Great job!!

Larrecia Shealey: What kind of plucking is this

dolores critandi: really so much drama just for the eye brow waste of time i'd say

مياده السيد: لو افهم بس انتي بتقولي ايه يا حاجه

Livtyler90's Sazz: 4:55 that one little eyebrow was like "I ain't never letting go" 😂

bob.: I plucked my own (thick) eyebrows and they came out perfect 😭 . I used a razor for the extra tiny hairs

Washi Ahmad: nice

Sophie Ward: Is that girl dead???

SJD: Wow your nail paint is near next to perfect!

Alva Sundström: HER EYES THOUGH


Maite Noyola: Forget her eyebrows she need some chapstick💀

Christy CoOl: When the girl opened her eyes she looked like "what the heck dude"👀😂😂

ilashes4you: Her eyes 😍

Bydee Taylor: OMG her eyes😍😍

Luz Badillo: I think you should use soap and water instead of hand sanitizer. No, really.

sara M: the client is soooo pretty

Julenny Castro: Do anyone know the name of this salon

Miss Rose: Wish she waxed it first
How To Tweeze Eyebrows - Salon Perfect Style - Step by Step Guide - DIY 5 out of 5

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How To Tweeze Eyebrows - Salon Perfect Style - Step by Step Guide - DIY