Oswald & The Impossible Texas Theather Timeline..

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Azza Paterson: Ok, 20 people in the Texas Star Theatre, where are the 20 statements taken from these people.

Oswald was supposed to be killed in the movie cinema foyer trying to escape police, what does he do? stays in the movie seat area and doesn't movie when the lights go on, do the police rush him from the front? No! they slowly and systematically walk to the movie goers at the front checking ID's with Oswald watching them, he must've been nervous as hell, nervous because he just shot the President and a Dallas Cop? No, nervous because he knows something strange has been going on and he is being hunted! Meanwhile his wife and two daughters, the youngest just 33 days old are home watching the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination. His wife later says Oswald cried when he heard the President and his wife lost their baby son, Patrick days before 22nd November.


tlg tlg: Syphilis was widespread in Dallas in those days, and many politicians were infected, most of these people involved in the assassination and most of the politicians including JFK, who contracted syphilis from Marilyn Monroe, LBJ,a lot of the Secret Service men, a lot of the witnesses, Jack Ruby to Lee Oswald, all of them all of them had one thing in common, they all had syphilis!

WeRthe Terrorist: There's a reason why Jr JFK named his magazine "George"

Scott Campbell: I think Oswald was supposed to meet someone in the theater. He kept checking different people.

shadowdance4666: LBJ was part of the assassination squad

Cary David Hoffson: If he killed jfk the police would have put out his name and job at the book building out to everyone else who were looking for him and saw him before going anywhere they would have put out his name being they were looking for him and the only one who left the book building

Kristoff Taylovoski: Mike T 156 needs to look into this

Fallen Lizardbrain: He was to meet his connection there and pick up his passport. It was a visa to Cuba.He was promised that for his participation.

CHERYL DAY: Someone needs to find out why 15 police officers two to a car makes 30 police officers show up with guns blazing at the theater did they know something we didn't know why so many?

fobrien1: there is some good info in this video for sure , but everyone needs to look also at oswald on beckley .

for example certain videos and certain authors and certain tv shows including a video by gary mack have oswald arriving home at beckley at 1pm and leaving again at that time . some even try to assert that oswald was home before 1pm (to give him more time lol ) but the warre commissions own time trials disprove that , try as they did they only just about got him to beckley at 1pm . so without any doubt oswald arrived at his rooming house at 1pm and maybe a tad after .

so oswald is only arriving home at 1pm and mack in a video where he did a time trial had his oswald stand in start walking from beckley to 10th street at 1pm , that simply NEVER HAPPENED .

oswald arrived home at 1pm or maybe a tad after . his landlady mrs roberts stated that he went to and stayed in his room for some 3 to 4 minutes , and that then he came out and left the house . so that puts oswald STILL in his rooming house on beckley just shy of a mile from 10th street at 1.03 to 1.04pm .

after he left mrs roberts watched the tv news for a bit (as everyone did) something made her get up and go to the window . she said oswald was still out there stood at the bus stop . she watched and he didnt move , so she then returned to her tv . its a pity she wasnt more curious and kept watching him longer .

but even so we can now say that probably atleast a minute after he left the rooming house that he was STILL ON BECKLEY . which in essence means that he was still on beckley outside his rooming house till atleast in and around 1.04 to 1.05pm .

even well experienced and very knowledgeable LNs (lone nut advocates ) that i know who say tippits radio was used to make the call at 1.16pm say that probably 3 to 4 minutes had elapsed between the shooting and the radio call being made . naturally people were scared . so with that in mind that would put the shooting in and around 1.12 to 1.13pm . t f bowley the only witness to look at his watch said it was 1.10pm . so 1.12pm is pretty close to bowley , so i have little doubt that 1.10 to 1.12 pm is the very latest time the shooting occurred . markham taking here usual walk to her bus stop for work said she wouldnt mind betting it was in and around 1.06 to 1.07pm . , but she didnt look at a time piece . markham was walking to jefferson for the 1.12 pm bus to work , and she didnt get past 10th and patton which joined to jefferson , would have to say she was probably while not far off in her estimate probably upwards of 2 minutes off , and that it was probably 1.08 to 1.09 when she had reached the corner of 10th , still leaving her atleast 4 minutes to walk along patton to get to her bus stop . so the shooting most likely( based on the witnesses one taking her usual trip to work at her usual time and on man actually looking at his watch ) occurred between the time of 1.08pm and 1.12 pm , bowley having looked at his watch which sad 1.10 falls between the two and must then be considered the nearest to accurate as we can be absent other witness that noted the time .

so we now have oswald STILL on beckey at 1.04 to 1.05pm at the bus stop . and you have the tippit killing according to a witness that looked at his watch (and another taking her usual walk to get her bus to work ) occurring in and around 1.10pm .lets allow a minute either way , so lets say oswald was on beckley at 1.04pm atleast and that tippit was shot at about 1.11pm , so allowing extra time and leeway that means that oswald now has a maximum of 7 minutes to get to 10th street to shoot officer tippit .

now lets go back to mr mack and the commission . the commission did their own time trial and it took them if memory serves correctly 16 minutes 30 seconds . lone nut advocates (LNs ) like to muddy the waters a bit by trying to assert that oswald actually walked a different route in a different direction . well ok any honest investigation must consider all possibles , so we will do that here . mr mack couldnt get around the 16 minute 30 seconds time by the commission , its documented , so he had his oswald standin walk the same route and low and behold the time was just about identical 16 minutes plus . and mack righty said that was no good it took to long . so he had his oswald standin walk a shorter route and that took 12 minutes 20 seconds if memory serves .

now we have two times 16.30 and 12.20 . but here is the thing MACK STARTED HIS OSWALD STANDIN WALKING AT 1PM . so that allowed him to state falsely that YES 12 MINUTES 20 WOULD ALLOW OSWALD ENOUGH TIME . but oswald was STILL outside his rooming house at atleast 1.04pm according to earlene roberts his landlady , so what is 1.04 plus 12 minutes 20 seconds ? its 1.16pm plus , when even serious well researched LNs admit the shooting occurred atleast 3 to 4 minutes prior to the radio call at 1.16 . that means oswald would be at best arriving 3 to 4 minutes after the shooting ASSUMING that he took the short route that mack tried out , but most witnesses dont support that route . now lets look at the route the commission and most witnesses said tippits killer took , both they and mack took 16 minutes 30 seconds or there or there abouts to walk that distance from beckley . add in the fact that oswald was still on beckely at atleast 1.04pm to the 16 minutes 30 seconds and the best oswald can do is arrive on 10th at 1.20pm plus when even knowledgeable LNs admit that the shooting had to have atleast occurred at 1.12 to 1.13pm making oswald 7 to 8 minutes to late .

this is the importance of checking facts in any LN video or documentary to see if they are accurate and true or not . could oswald have been picked up say at 1.05pm , driven to the area in around 10th street , encountered tippit about 1.09 and then shot him at 1.10pm , and then some how have been driven back to the theater all in 5 or 6 minutes and then be seen by witnesses in there ? , not impossible i would say . however id say the timing was very very tight , and there is no evidence that anyone drove him .

Cary David Hoffson: The police officer had Lee Harvey Oswald at the book building in the lunch room and let him go to the movie theater so they can take him in their hopefully he get away from the movie theater to be killed but their was people to see what was happening so let Jack ruby to kill him

Cary David Hoffson: The police officer had Lee Harvey Oswald at the book building and let him go knowing that jfk was shoot and never ask him anything about being on the 6fl of the building they followed him to the movie theater and then came in the movie theater to take him to jail when the all time they could have taken him in at the book building

Cary David Hoffson: why would the police come to a movie theater just for not paying for a movie ticket and take him to jail and the people who work at the movie theater could have taken care of it with out the police being called over not paying for a movie ticket

Cary David Hoffson: he was set up to be there in the movie theater to get killed but the gun did not work so they took him instead and the only way to kill him was to have Jack ruby do it before he can get to the better jail were they would not be able to kill him their it had to before they can take him their

Hank North: The only evidence left is JFK... exhume the body

Hank North: Exhume the body

MrAmbassador11: The person Johnny Brewer saw acting suspiciously was probably at the Officer Tippit shooting. He then went to the Texas Theater where the real LHO was already there. The man Mr Brewer saw called attention to himself to lead Mr Brewer into calling the police.

spirg: Conspiracy all around

Deneze .C. Lujanen: Apparently Officer Tippid looked like JFK.. so i bet the Assassins needed Tippid and both Oswalds for something more sinister then we thought..

John A.: Oswald went to the theater thinking he was to meet someone there, and he was only sent there so he could be arrested for the Tippit shooting done by someone else. That's the way I see it, and I believe that is the way Mr. Marrs sees it.
Oswald & the impossible Texas Theather timeline.. 5 out of 5

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Azza Paterson: Ok, 20 people in the Texas Star Theatre, where are the 20 statements taken from these people.
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Oswald & the impossible Texas Theather timeline..