The Honda Cx500 Cafe Racer

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ViceVersa Musik: My Favorite Engine For Building Cafe Racers or even other Custom builds!

Nicolas Chterich: i loved the sound. I would put the key switch under the tank, its dangerous to have it there in case of accident.

T0BBi94: The bike sounds and runs really great! In my opinion and I noticed right away in the first shot that the proportions of the bike is wrong, as many said it is missing the "ass". The rear tire look to be to small and it feels like someone has chopped the entire back-end of the bike apart.

However the quality of the finnish is amazing and all that matters is that the rider likes it and has fun on it

gardensafari1969: How anyone could fault this is beyond me. A marvellous realisation of a dream bike, and a superb video to show it off. I don't care the bike is "missing it's arse" if you don't like it, don't have one. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is an incredible creation.

tubeMiLKO: The bike is missing its ass. Bar that, accomplimenti!

Edward Phillips: I've never liked the stock 19 in wheel up front with the 16 in back. Great looking bike nonetheless. 

GreboGent: you shouldn't really turn the engine off with the kill switch, that could damage your ignition system after a while, just thought you ought to know :)

Howard Boyer: Great looking bike!  What mufflers did you put on it and did it require any re-jetting or mixture adjusting?  I'm working on my own CX project.

Russell King: what tires do you have and do you like them?

TychoRVT: By "unique..." you mean Honda only made a few hundred thousand throughout the model run?

andycliff1965: Why bother ? you should of cut the bike in half and thrown it in a skip !!!!!

MiltosDelSol: μπραβο πολυ ομορφο το αποτελεσμα!!! αξιζε η δουλεια που εριξες ε!!!! εχω και εγω ενα CX500 λυμενο στο γκαραζ δυσκολο μηχανακι!!! αυτος ο V2 δεν πρεπει να ειναι και οτι πιο ευκολο :D chris saddler γιατι πια η διαφορα GL με CX νομιζω οτι ειναι το ιδιο και εγω το CX οταν το πηρα που ηταν μαμα τσοπαροκατασταση θυμιζε

Nikos Diavatis: @Chris Saddler Sam ( Re sy file Chris an diavazed tin perigrafi tou video tha evlepes oti to "GL400" to anafero, to thema einai edy giati drepese na grapsis to onoma sou sta Ellhnika?

Chris Saddler Sam: re sy nik, ston kinitira grafei GL.. swsta? tote giati to "fwnazeis" CX??? :)) pesto me to onoma tou... h' mhpws ntrepese epidi itan chopperaki??? xexe

Nikos Diavatis:

nikos poutsas: eimai sthn patra kai xreiazomai diafora gia honda gl mporeis dose mou ena e mail na epikoinoniso

Durksam: That's a freakin beauty

Richard: Very nicely done moto

cyber85: Isn't an ordinary honda cx500, is a unique honda motorcycle that have an longitudinally aligned V-twin engine.

Antonio Fanelli: Bella ma coda e scarichi un po meno
The Honda cx500 cafe racer 5 out of 5

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The Honda cx500 cafe racer