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Hent Kovind: This was a great convo. Funny tech issue :) Skype can be so weird.. Update it often!

Cracked Statues: Does ABS ever get on Tiny Chat?

SkidRowRadio: about bloody time this happened. 
great discussion.

trick0171: Loved watching this discussion between you two. So entertaining and interesting! :)

32:50 - The answer, if we can know that the guilty man will never cause a problem again...neither he nor the innocent man should be in prison. Prison should only be for preventing the imprisoned person from harming others. It's an injustice to have either of them in prison - if in fact we can be sure that by not placing them in prison they won't harm another again.  They are both products of their circumstances. 

The person that committed the crime is not blameworthy for being the person he/she is. Believe it or not he's not more deserving of prison than the other, and the other is not less deserving. Because there is no free will, we must look to the utility of the situation.

If, however, we had to choose one to be in prison (we are being forced to by some evil presence)...The problem with these thought experiments is the baggage inherent in them. Perhaps Anti-BS man is not aware of this baggage, but it truly is present. For example, a society in which we purposely place innocent people in jail is a society in which there will be a number of inherent problems that cause even greater harms. If, for example, it were to get out that we purposely sent the innocent person to prison, the need to abide by laws sort of breaks down (If someone knows they can be sent to prison even if they are law-abiding). Even us knowing we purposely placed an innocent man in prison - it breaks down for ourself. There are so many of these little factors inherent in the baggage of the thought experiment. 

Imagine, however, a world in which people knew for a fact that others were not blameworthy (due to the lack of free will), such a scenario would be impossible. It would fall to imprisonment only due to the danger and harm involved if we do not, rehabilitation when possible, etc. Perhaps such people would even make it a law that they would sacrifice a less harm to themselves if another could be save more harm...when the other is not more deserving of such a harm.

But to really answer his question...with ALL of the baggage placed to the side as total impossibilities (that we can somehow know are such), and if we had the option to either condemn the person that will be harmed less or to condemn the person that will be harmed more...and it was unavoidable that we must choose one to be condemned - the one that will be harmed less IS the better option of the two. Anti-BS man would be making a mistake here - and placing blame where it doesn't belong.

benaberry: 0:27:50 ish......The worlds soils are depleted in phosphates. Humans the biggest contributor to this id say.  Trees and plants need phosphates to grow, and humans and life in general need trees for oxygen. SO it is interwoven.

John Smith: Wow...this is some complicated crap..very good...

flyorra: I watched half of this on my mobile it was good thanks for recording. I'm still saying that nuking won't wipe out all life we have to wait til the sun explodes.

benaberry: worst hair competition - I think AntiBullcrapman wins........but yer, this is fantastic, love to see more of these.

inmendham:  Link to part 2: antibullcrapman ...part 2 of 2
antibullshitman ...part 1 of 2 5 out of 5

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antibullshitman ...part 1 of 2