Review #1 URBAN BALL (Freestyle Ftbol Espaa)

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Mylles Ratilla: give away
Review #1 URBAN BALL (Freestyle Fútbol España) 5 out of 5

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DragonACE Gaming: what map is that
Mylles Ratilla: give away
Tech Deals: UPDATE - This video was recorded in June with a planned publish date of early July. RX 570/580 cards remain out of stock in the middle of August, so this video is getting published anyway.
Rentaro: интересно, как стирается водоотталкивающая футболка???)))
DXKerman: У неё лагает комп очень ели видео у неё показывает
screeech1: Awesome video!
Miha Kim: 10 year kid

Review #1 URBAN BALL (Freestyle Fútbol España)