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Kimberly Sam: Just dawned on me that I've watched a million of House and Home's videos over the years and I've NEVER seen a black designer or designer of any there race. I know there's Chong, but are there no black/ designers of color in all of Canada that are good at what they do?
Dominic Romano: I was Mario for Halloween in 2015 when Anthony was still 😢
Kevin Brown: Lol I use a sawzall;  cut single ridge uber fast twist and done,  its super fast ya get the rythym and never a nick much faster than using the stripper but the stripper is handy when no power..
itsuki Hatakeyama: 金の手型の方が確率が高いというだけでAランクレア妖怪はノーマルでも出ますよ。Sランクレア妖怪はシルバーで出ます
Usui Kazuyoshi: I have just complete this game >
its sooooooo gooooood
the story was awsome
the game play was fantastic
my rate to this game is 9/10

Alex maximus: Top 10 anime fight themes
nonchalantd: It looks cool, but as far as the plot, it's too much like the 5th Element and the Matrix to get me really excited.  I'm just expecting more from the Wachowskis.