Hobo Dinner: Camping And Family Fun

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Natasha Renee Woundedhead: Do you cook the hamburger pattie prior

Where RV Staying: Yummy!

sam boyd: Hoho surprise

Ben Delgado: great video you make alot of sense I will try these in the backyard fire pit. I'm sure the kids are gonna want to join in as soon as I start the fire

alice smith: I'm loving the entire concept, you can make some great meals doing this! thanks for the demo, video...and recipe!

Celtic Silver Countryman: We do a lot of camp fire cooking in the UK using foil and it and like the way you cookit is wonderful. John

Garden Life: I'm thinking It would probably taste a bit better if you put the meat on top , so the juices of the meat can dips down onto the veggies .

StruttinSuccess: The lighting is perfect! Relaxing and cozy!

Ray Thompson: When we would go hunting we would make a similar product, but cut the veggies small and form them and the meat into a "loaf" with some spices, catsup and brown sugar. Then wrap tightly in foil and put on engine manifold. From Aurora to Glenwood Springs would be a good start, then adjust from there. More of a fun thing, but those loaves always seemed to taste really good,especially in the woods!!

Big Family Tiny House: Hobo Sacks! Best way to have real food while camping!

jose ozuna: I will definitely try this when I go camping. Hearty and tasty. Do you know if this will also work with a piece of sausage link?

StraitClownin909: Love the idea of this! How many minutes would it take for this hobo dinner to cook?

The Nightmare: I do a skillet version of this; potatoes, carrots, corn, onion, cooked wheat berries and 2 eggs. Salt, pepper, some all purpose seasoning, a few dashes of soy sauce.

TheMILVET: This has been a staple on our camping trips since I was a kid. That was bout 45 yrs ago and we still make them. Really lean beef may not produce enough fat to keep it from drying out or burning. So you may need the butter, (I add it anyway)  Remember, he said "coals" cause a live flame may burn it.

Andy Felcey: definitely going to try this. thanks for the tip.

Lonewolfoutdoors14: I use to do this all the time when I was a kid. When camping, fishing or hiking there was always time to throw on a foil pack dinner. It is simple and real good. I have done this with chicken and steak however the quickest is to use hamburger. everything cooks at the same time. I haven't done this in for ever and just found something else I can do with the family.

Fredricka Johnson: Going to try this soon.
Thank you!

ogbobbye: love those dinners, like you we had them on family camp outs when I was a kid. I like to do them up once a year end of summer / being of fall kinda like a last cookout of the year deal. You should try doing one with a steak it is the best! not very hobo lol but it will be remembered as one of the best steaks you ever had.

your pappy: those putaters look good.

big Zini: Sweet, I'm gona try this, but to make it my own I'd try loose ground beef!
Hobo Dinner: Camping and Family Fun 5 out of 5

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Hobo Dinner: Camping and Family Fun