Bring Me The Horizon Interview - Oli Sykes Talks Religion In Music

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Dalton Greene: there is no god, the sooner everyone realizes that the sooner we can stop deluding our children into the farce "christanity" . religion is just a man-made cultural thing.
To all you christians, you lose your whole life, because you dedicate your life to something that doesn't even exist and you become so deluded and warped and put all of your trust in nothing and can't do anything for yourself, or even think for yourself. religion is a man made farce so we can have instant gratification for any questions we have, they say "cuz god made it that way." there are no gods and we have science now to figure out things and get the real answers. we don't need those foolish delusions of "gods" anymore.
What I really don’t understand that Christians don’t realize, this seems really obvious to me, but how the Bible says “for god so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son.” Aw, how sweet. Except it’s freaking GOD you’re talking about. The all powerful creator, right?? Only begotten son? With a snap of his fingers he could have another begotten son. God didn’t sacrifice anything for you. He could send one begotten son after the other. There’s nothing special about Jesus. freaking retarded Christians.

Jake Lightenfate: I'm Christian I respect his views, I use to be atheist but multiple huge events would soon allow me to find God so I know where non-believers are coming from. Anyways his music is amazing.

omnipitentevanescen: Says he's athiest but puts freaking Thelema symbols and alchemy symbols all over his crap haha

Alison Moran: I keep seeing comments about Oli being an atheist and how it's "wrong", how about we just let ppl believe what ever the freak they want? Wether you're an atheist, a Christian or something else, if it makes you happy and doesn't harm anyone, then who cares? Sometimes people need to believe in some kind of higher power, and some people don't. The only thing that people should be angry about is getting something you don't believe in shoved in your face. We live in a world where everyone can believe in whatever they want, so is it really that bad to believe in no higher power?

Irregular Naomi: This is disappointing, but hopefully at some point- he'll find the Light.

Jonathon Durno: Offence is only taken if it opposes your belief system, and if you are atheist - you have no belief right? :)
So don't be angry or abrasive, because anger stems from offence being taken
Just listen what I'm going to say :)

The very fact that you can't comprehend the source of the big bang propagates the proof that there has to be something greater than you, something that can think "greater". "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts". To believe in a God is the greatest form of strength, to believe in something you cannot see. That is faith. God allows evil to exist because of free will. We must choose our own path. Imagine if God lived among us, and we were blameless and perfect. We wouldn't be we. We would be machines. Therefore life is a journey, inevitably the kind where you choose your destination - which is eternal life one way or another. Because no human can understand non-existence, and because we knew nothing and were nothing before our birth, our time is transient, and thus we will inevitably move on forever. Everyone wants sunshine, nobody wants rain, but you can't have happiness without a little pain. Life is therefore not only a gift to live how you choose, but also a test to gauge if you are strong enough to believe and have faith in eternity. Because God is hope, he cannot deem a person worthless or judge their future, even though he knows possible paths to be taken. Thus, because the devil had free will, God had to let that free will play out, but the balance between yin and yang so to speak also had to play out, and the devil was punished - as a part of our divine plan to once again come to God by our own free will and not by force, and to choose the great I AM out of faith and love instead of a negative. God bless to all of you, and if you are atheist: that takes a lot of faith to believe in non-belief. If there was no belief, there would be no non- belief, and thus atheism is born from belief in God, but opposing this belief - debunking atheism's entire reasoning.

larzae dandrea: I forget bmth fanbase stays 14-16 year olds. It's like the kids never grow up lmao. Supporting Satanism is not cool, and it's freaked up to say he uses satanic symbols to scare people, you know how retarded that sounds. History proves the bible, places in the bible are real, the people in the bible were proven to exist and how can you say "oh I just don't understand giving my whole life to someone who clearly doesn't exist" hmmmm then howd you get here? The Evolution theory? That was proven to be wrong, no evidence behind it, god came down to earth as Jesus and died to feel our pain, Adam and eve were the first humans, they had multiple children and started populating, Adam and eve sinned, because they have free will, be reminded that you don't live on your hands and knees for god, literally all he asks you to do is be a good person, love each other, tell people about god don't turn others against him. I pay attention to lyrics and maybe some of you need to do some digging 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yikes

glenford holder: sadly he call himself an atheist i would not condemn i will pray for him because is prayer and GOD the creator who have us all here it doesn't matter if you believe it or not it doesn't change his exiustance.

Ave Guzmán: I really want to know why did they wrote doomed.

Roberta lol: I don't understand a little thing... Oli says he's atheist, so he doesn't believe in God and neither in Satan BUT Why BMTH's merch have satanic symbols?

Drunkfluff: When Oli says he doesn't believe in god it confuses me, why wouldn't he believe in himself existing??

AlxOpNerfPlz: why oli sounds so nervious?

Sheldon Greene: these atheistic comments are cancerous

AgnesPanikara: He sounds so Yorkshire it's unreal xD

angie I: I'm obsessed with Oli's accent oml

dani: i just love him so much

NoMoreMissNiceGirl: +Deathbyblackhole No... ALL Atheists ARE agnostic as they only BELIEVE there is no God, they dont KNOW there is no God although they might think they do and yes you can be agnostic in regards to a belief in God... its called open minded and Agnostics dont believe in weak, non-existant evidence. Thats what Christians etc. do. Self admitant agnostics are just not arrogant to think they know it all and are humble enough to admit they dont know if God exists or not.

Johnny Mac: Can't believe the top rated comments on this are by morons who actually think Oli does believe in a magic sky fairy

JazzHands556: I laugh every time I hear Oli say he doesn't believe in God. He has the fear in him, his guilt is always on parade, and he has done a terrible job of trying to hide it. If there is one thing I know, thinking you don't believe, doesn't make it so.

Under Heaven: \,,/
Bring Me The Horizon Interview - Oli Sykes talks Religion in Music 5 out of 5

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Bring Me The Horizon Interview - Oli Sykes talks Religion in Music