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MURRAY COD ,wagga..lure fishing. HALCO
MURRAY COD ,wagga..lure fishing. HALCO
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Murray Cod Magic Vol 1
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LOX Fishing rod comp - yellow belly and cod
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plumtube01: Trout cod! Awesome.

Kim Hennig: Awesome , where was this.

rick james: id pay you to take me fishing .. we cant catch cod of any size in the darling river around menindee rearly you will catch small ones 25cm and below ... one event in my 25years of going up there i caught black brim all day which i let go and this year for the first time ever ive caught silver perch which i let go also .. never seen a cat fish from the water there also .... would really like to catch a decant size cod before i die

168amax: magic mate

ITSTHEKANOOOSHOW: Hey Mate , what area are you located??

theduckchampion: Got a 87 cm cod on a red and black spinner bait

Chris Mcardle: awesome atleast now i know there are still some in there...going down again tonight i cant stop till i get one lol. good catches btw.

MrSimoncocks: @73fishy thanks mate .i do go out and dont catch fish but it is very rare. i do catch alot more then i post but mainly small ones so not worth a mention on here.I fish every second day if i can get on the water somewhere. cheers REG

Fishy73 Kingfish: Hey mate , always enjoy your vids, do you ever go out and not get a fish ?

MrSimoncocks: @cruizefuller1 yer mate it is !! but i rarely lose them if i keep the pressure on them but it is a hell of alot easier to get the hooks out without doing damage to the fish especially if i am releasing them..when they swallow a lure and you leave the barbs on it is a bastard to get them out and stresses the fish and they die eventully from it . hope it helps to make up your mind. lose a fish now and then or kill heaps trying to get out bloody lures??? cheers REG

MrSimoncocks: @bigredmudcrab G'DAY BIG FELLA :)/long time no see hey. hope all is well mate,look me up for sure bro and we will drown a lure and 2 cases of beer too hey ..that pump is gone now mate ,when the floods came up she broke the cables and is now a good snag for the cod a few bends downstream HAHA. not sure if they have a new one yet but will be down there soon to check it out .Moving west at the end of the yr to live with RIBS.. WILD DAYS TO COME HEY ..Take it easy mate .cheers REG

MrSimoncocks: @Brett1300 no probs mate.he is a good dog and just got another.if you ever come this way drop me aline you got the job haha.good fun with beer and rods too.and of course the camera always.. cheers REG thanks for the comment and the sub

Brett1300: Mate Ive just watched prob a dozen fishing vids from you. That dog of yours is a character. After watching this vid Ive come to the conclusion that u need a man behind the camera to get all the angles! Im applying for a job! Reckon u would be a top bloke to be around fishing for a weekend etc. well done. keep the vids comin.

MrSimoncocks: @aus2045 I doubt if you know where this is mate and if i saw you with a gill net here i would wrap you in it and feed you to the crayfish or my pigs to make salami with.It looks like you comment to get replies so here is one for you, ''YOU ARE A freakWIT''. murray cod dont get exported either.''MURRAY COD'' NOT ''CODFISH''..enjoy the vids but please dont comment again.cheers REG

MrSimoncocks: @10zacmac this is at narrandera n.s.w. on the murrumbidgee river ..i was out releasing yellow belly fingerlings then went fishing for a while was a good day alround.cheers REG

MrSimoncocks: cheers BRO it was a good day for sure

MrSimoncocks: the dredge in the back is a sand pump for a concrete company here,it leaves a good size hole and is not bad fishing although they are small.we have had a little rain lately but the river flows pretty quick here all yr round.turned out a good and wet day .cheers REG

Peter Allan: nice video once again Reg

Malcolm Robertson: What was that dredge looking thing in the back ground. Some nice fish as usual. There seems to be a good flow in the river.

Mark5Fish: love your work well done.

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Mike Harnett: Hi Brad. Try Tower Electronics for these parts. Good quality and inexpensive. Us ham radio nerds can sometimes be helpful to you guitar amp nerds. Sort of a cross-culture thing. Go to: Hope you find this helpful.
plumtube01: Trout cod! Awesome.
Sailing Nations UG: Love it! Definitely seems to be an amazing trip
HR2635: the idea is good.. in real life.. it only works on drums where all lugs are operating equally well.. on my drums.. well.. all 8 kits and 30+ snare.. they are not.. The better way is to use Drum Dial that measures the tension of the head.. without tapping you kan get it to 95-98% perfect pitch.. and then fine tune with your ears (always necessary unless you are tuning high pitched marching snares).. it saves time .. and your band mates ears :-).. and you can in an emergency do it back stage without being a pain in the b***.. I prefer Drum Dial over TuneBot for instance because you can do it without hitting the heads.. and its much faster.
AaronsVids2: just laughed so freaking loud hahah nice dagger Yellow?
Спрут Абрикус: Сперва загорелась зелёная лампочка (светодиод) 7,5 (наверное килогерц), а потом включаем прибор........ А от чего загорелась "зелёная лампочка", если прибор был выключен.... или подключил батарейку к датчику, чтоб "загорелась лампочка"..... Кстати, если вы изготавливаете и продаёте датчики к металлоискателям, неужели не могли снять видео в нормальном помещении и на чистом столе (хотя бы скатерть постелили), съёмка в тёмном (грязном???) помещении, на грязном обшарпаном столе........ Может датчик и хороший, но видео больше похоже на фейк... Однозначно дизлайк.