Same MASCARA - Different Application

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Same MASCARA - Different Application
Same MASCARA - Different Application
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara demo & review
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara demo & review
Mascara Reviews    BEST & WORST    Mostly Drugstore + EYE PICTURES
Mascara Reviews BEST & WORST Mostly Drugstore + EYE PICTURES

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Khuyen Tran: You really look like Rose from Titanic xD

Kate Albaniel: Or you can just use your spoolie after putting mascara

downbntout: Ty for the speedups

Evie K: looks like crap ;/

Aspen Hunter: MasKARA lol good vid

blackpprs: But it still clumpy too!

Sofia: I'm sorry, but your lashes ended up looking really clumpy. I hope your mom still does her mascara the old way.

Ruba Irfan: Can we use vaseline petroleum jelly instead of primer?

Débutante en Couture: I am the only one to prefer the right version? It is more natural and don t have this "spider effect"
(i am french, I think it may be related to my opinion)

iluvpie20101: I do this tip everyday!!! I dont have to use waterproof anymore because of this tip:)))

Gayane Gabrielyan: the Best tip ever!!!

Gloria Salsman: That's really low o ask people for money! Get a job, and buy your own! You are just like kids around the states to lazy to work so you beg for money from strangers, sorry

Manahil Mirza: You are so beautiful ❤️

M L: Wow so everyone give her money or she buy it herself the new camera curious

Dougal Darcy: What colour lipstick and liner are you wearing in the video

Erin San Andres: Thank you so much for your tip! It worked wonderfully for me and I’ve been sharing your video with my friends🤗

badabing: Omg I thought I was the only on that does this!! Lol you’re the first and only one ever that I know does this like me how crazy!

Kitty Johnson: Can you tell me the name of the music you used?

Magda Muñoz: Mom no tiene tiempo de maquillarse ... no es que no tenga tecnica😊

How about No: I love the way you say mascAra 😋😘 great video and you're right I have long lashes but they're very thin. So I always start at the tip or they'll fall. Most people start at tho root right away. That never works for me.
Same MASCARA - Different Application 5 out of 5

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Same MASCARA - Different Application