Heart Salutation With Shiva Rea

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LUJZA SANGHAM: Namaste ,l love Shiva Rae , it is most inspiring & the wording so calming ,smooth ,enlightening & spiritual ,since learning from her l am a much better teacher ,thank you & many blessings Marika

maya strauss: this is not the full video/ why/ is it so too much to put some free an longer videos of shiva rea? she is good, but i think noyl money is interesting her.

Rose MaryJane: Though the landscape is indeed inspiring and beautiful, and I do appreciate the work of the cinematographer, it is unfortunate that the necessary focus on transition and specific, proper positioning is neglected. The left leg is almost completely hidden, and as I am unfamiliar with this particular variation of asana, it makes it more difficult for me to feel confident, and safe, in attempting. Otherwise, I am hopeful my body will help to guide me correctly, and I offer thanks to the Yogi.

Blanca Azucena Lopez Martinez: she is the best, i love her videos, is hard but she inspiration me

gioaman: I got injured on 3:10

i386kernel: This is superb, but as a beginner its hard to do Shiva's Yoga as its for advanced Yogis. I will try her Yoga Videos when I get there. But I just love her and her Yoga videos. She is one of My Yoga Gurus, Yoga certainly has changed my life. I feel like I am God...

Val Goodman: The Yoga Alchemist: every one of her videos is outstanding. A true inspiration. beautifully filmed.

flowyogaguru: Shiva Rea's the bomb!!!!

2askaa: excellent video !! thank you

Air Bliss MapEva: Excellent NAmaste! Ma-Na's yoga

Pia Dhir: just watching the sequence relaxed me ...will probably keep it as a part of my restorative practice!!! thanks so much for posting this :-)
Heart Salutation with Shiva Rea 5 out of 5

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Heart Salutation with Shiva Rea