Wii U - Stealth Inc. 2 Trailer

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Silvia Meneses: how can we put the cooperative mode? we have already buy the game but we cannot select the cooperative mode. Please, could someone help us ?

bANKEN: what track is that?

ThatGuyWhoCouldn'tComeUpWithAnOriginalUsernameSoHeMadeAnOverlyLongOneInAnAttemptToBe"Ironic": Glad to see that the music is still awesome.

ArtilleryCrusader: Another pretentious indie game that´s slow. Good job indies!

MrServantRider: This looks pretty cool. Should I play the first one before this second one?

Davidson Viana: Cool!

Mr.Pat: Looks good. 

Super Virtual Boy Show: The trailer makes this look like a lot of frustration, but a lot of good laughs to along with it.

Lemuel Delvalle: "Portal Reference."

baudilio valle: Waiting for f-zero U

Negil Leufeln: This looks really neat.

Alex Rushdy: Yay! Finally a trailer!

fangk12345: well this goes to show you that youtube is nothing but idiots that arnt ever happy. ive gone through alot of vids and there comment sections today and its nothing but whining or complaining about trivile stuff or stuff thats not related to the video. also this looks pretty cool  where can i get the first one? im guessing its download only?

Logan Stickly: This looks like a LBP stage

Sonicfrais Heya: Best pc and console combo. Wii U + PC=Gameplay at its max
PC+PS4=get exclusives (more on grqphics but still great gameplay

fapfapfap26: Sucks donkey balls

DragonRider989: Stuck here where I can't get a Wii U until this school semester is over that is if my grades are high and lets not forget my 3ds lacks a library of games I want . 
That aside getting this game  

Awesome15rocks: awesomeness.

Jepze: Im gonna buy it

Ali Sulaiman: So sad that it's for teens. I'm 24 😦
Wii U - Stealth Inc. 2 Trailer 5 out of 5

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Wii U - Stealth Inc. 2 Trailer