Fallout 3(pc) Action Packed Video!

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Fallout 3(pc) action packed video!
Fallout 3(pc) action packed video!
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(HQ) Fallout 3 PC Official Intro Gameplay
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Fallout 3 'Splat' clip
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BobsAndVagene: @JimBrassCSIFan Bah bwah-hah!

Alexandurs: Awesome.

jasiothemity: No sir. It was peanut butter and chocolate. It wasn't very varied, but by golly, it was the best damn game I kept coming back to for 8 out of 12 hours i was awake that one day that I've ever had.

LexiGore: This game was perfection.


Ryan San Agustin: god shoot me after watching this

jonathan valladares: U man handled that ball xD

The American Raven: Those are some cute baby sounds!

666Sorath666: BRRRRLGL DADA ;)

Acrodyn: Awsome!!!!

Cresence: Good god almighty! This is too extreme for adults!

samzshizers: i pre ordered nd got 31st wen it come out here game is sick

benjaminer: lol-amania

Brawler484: amazing, that ball provides hours of gameplay just on its own!

NovaKaiser: man i got it munday because i resurved fallout three at gamestop

zack1e: extreme first person baby-walking action!!!

Serio17: Same. I'm trying to get a hold of the Collectors Edition. 100 pages of concept art... Wow.

NappiKing: LOL GAGA-DADA AABRRRWAH! BABWAH!...im getting this game soon

otreum25: lol, oooh man, what a crack up
Fallout 3(pc) action packed video! 5 out of 5

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BobsAndVagene: @JimBrassCSIFan Bah bwah-hah!
Emmett Battle: i have chronic pain in my hands and i dont have full mobility/flexibility with my fingers and these are really helpful for me. sometimes i have to take out all my piercings for things like MRIs and this is easier than having some random nurse pulling at my face/ears
kenny roguecigar: i need 1
oD Juicy: Hey man how is the tranny holding up?
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Jesse Jones: Im playing as a crusader on ps4 now please add me and send me some moded gear im new to the game and i suck lol im slow and weak.
Tim Ryan: @williabk - Thanks, I'm glad it was helpful

Fallout 3(pc) action packed video!