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Kat jeanette: You are amazing and very talented! I could watch you all day!

Julie Aronson: I love a full face of reviews even more than first impressions!! Please continue to do this!

Tina Fox: Thank you for this, enjoyed this so so so much! Fabulous, look that you created. I really need to go find your brow tutorial, those brows are always on point. Of coarse everybody’s brows are better than mine. I was cursed with no brows 😑 and no lips 😑 Anyway, thanks for another awesome video...That palette, that eye look, so so good 💋

Felya Monica: I'm in love with your eyeshadow 💕💕

Lisa tsen: Converted to believe in eyeshadow primer!! 😄😄😄 love that little bee pendant.. So adorable yet classy!!

Mevena Flaux: Love this video idea ! This is the perfect option for you and us to give your opinion on the new stuff you tried ! And I love watching you using the product while talking of it, it gives to the video a good dynamic !
Love how turned out your eyeshadow look, this palette is very beautiful !

Didi Gardenofbeauty: Where did you learn to do your makeup so well Angie? I love the entire look.

Toritoise: once the lashes are on she blinks and insane amount

Bob Salamone: You are so inspiring and always look so amazing! This eye look is so 👌 Can’t wait to try to recreate it for my birthday look! 💕

Mayane Gaboury - Pichardo: I went to check the website of Meesha Lou... the palettes are so expensive to get in Canada 😢 I was waiting for you to make a look with this one. Me too I’m into encouraging little companies but oh my 💸💸💸

funkee9: I really find First Impression videos a waste of my viewing time, so I love this group of "reviews"-- please keep doing this! Also, do you mind explaining in a future video what "brown neutral" vs. "warm neutral" vs. cool neutral" vs "colour neutral" is? As in, how is this lovely eyeshadow palette colourful yet neutral? Thanks! xoxo

Valerie's Journey in Beauty: I really like this format... Actually, it is my favorite format. EmilyNoel83 does this type of format as well, if you want to check her out.

Lindsay Calderon: hahaha I've been using the eyelash tool wrong the whole time

Stacy Marie: Your makeup looks never cease to amaze me completely and totally. I love watching your videos just to see what new, exciting, colorful looks you'll come up with because they are ALL absolutely GORGEOUS

Lesego Madisa: The new hair colour reminds me of when you had grey hair. Also, you should wear headbands more often, you looked so cute!

Kim Baker: Thank you for saying that some, actually most highlighters look like you got popped or in a fight and it looks like a shiner around your eye, the first time I ever saw highlighter used I was like why would someone want to use that right next to your eye. Most people on YouTube are obsessed with highlighters, like they literally sound like there having a orgasm when applying it. It’s like your makeup look is gorgeous now stop right there and then here comes the eye shiner highlighter, I’m like no no don’t do it and boom it’s a mess and worse when people who have large pores just magnified them x10. Highlighter is not for everybody’s face. The way you are wearing yours is actually flattering because you lowered it to the cheek area and you don’t have large pores or any pore issues. So bravo for being the first person I have ever heard mention that highlighter needs to be put in the right place for it to look flattering.

Amy B: That palette is gorgeous. Thanks for this video!

Mai Lee Vang: Welcome back Angelica!! Your tan lines are so cute, looks like you had so much fun at Greece♥️♥️ plus your mini false lash tutorial was helpful with your tips!

keely _cn: That's some hella good falsie advice.

Tori Stiefel: Totally agree about the foundation; it looks so good about 2 hours in. And I am so intrigued by the Anger pencil by Linda Hallberg.
Full Face Of Reviews | GRWM 5 out of 5

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