Shooting The Beretta Nano At The Range

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3asy: Short Sweet and to the point, that's how it should be. Good video good shooting.

John logan: Nice little gun... though I'm not sure if it compares to a subcompact Storm. Just better work on that flinching when you fire--I get that when I go shooting at an indoor range (it sounds like thunder inside that confined space) and I usually end up opening my eyes wide like a crazy person when I shoot to stop blinking while I shoot, haha.

Maverick Tangent: seriously...

Maverick Tangent: Winchester white box

Peter Mansfield: What ammo were you shooting?

trevor dixon: lol 50 sec in his eyes are close when he shot a round lmfao

Larry Lucas: An observation. You blink upon firing and occasionally close your eyes before the trigger pull.

Maverick Tangent: thanks for the comment! 15 yards

Maverick Tangent: 15 yards

Fourface: Well done sir. You look badass... and not a bad hit rate. The weapon does seem to be quite a little jumper. What is the distance btw?

Fourface: I am sure you dont blink while shooting on your Xbox...

Maverick Tangent: haha! thanks dude! haters gonna hate

Demondre Perry: @drycreamer freak them haters good video partner.

teddydd2: right hand, left eye dominate lol! my brother is like that.

Maverick Tangent: Ill have to try it out! thanks!

Maverick Tangent: haha, agreed...

Susquehannock Survival: I'm also right handed, left eye dominant. Spent 20 years in the Army, closing my left eye forcing myself to use my right eye. Shot expert with the M9 Beretta my whole career. Once I retired I forced myself to use my left eye with both eyes open. I look down the sites just like you. That technique is so much better for target acquisition.

Lisa Shover: You stink shooting

Maverick Tangent: thank you sir!

RK Harm24: You are right handed, left eye dominant? Actually you have overcome real well. In 30 years LEO and Firearms Instructor/Range Officer, it was one of the problems I faced to get new shooters to compensate for. Actually me figuring out they were was my hardest problem. Just read back a little further where this is possibly addressed. Good video Sir.
Shooting the Beretta Nano at the range 5 out of 5

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Shooting the Beretta Nano at the range