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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid    Ali Andreea
Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Ali Andreea
Makeup Mistakes to Avoid +Tips for a Flawless Face
Makeup Mistakes to Avoid +Tips for a Flawless Face
Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid
Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

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leanna marie McCauly: Yes yes yes skip to the makeup lol

Rowdy Ways: Make more videos please girl! And you are one of the very few who could pull off a what not to do on the face. Either way you look amazing

Elizabeth B. H.: I think the 'correct side' is wearable and pretty and soft and not overly dramatic BUT the other side is fine for a dramatic look with blending and placement, which is important. Maybe as an artist and it being her career, fine, but take it with a grain of salt because everyone has their own personal preference and not each technique that she is using works for every face shape or skin color or texture or taste. Play and have fun but the basics are covered here for a simple guide to not looking the the 'wrong side'. The wrong side can be wearable with proper blending and if you like looking drag or like Cleopatra as she put it, go ahead just expect it to look as natural as the lashes she puts on.

Kellye Radford: I loved it when you explained the nose contour! Thanks for a great video. You got a new subscriber.

renu masih: thx for this is great tips. i lv u

melina paolillo: a me piace quello sbagliato :) alza lo zigomo di brutto!!!

Albino Mermaid: This video was a real eye opener
The contour part was really helpful, now i see what ive been doing wrong.

Vanessa Reiter: What nail polish are you wearing?

Sherry Loyer: thanks for the tips

erin verzi: heyy I lovee the way you do your eyebrows!! My right one usually comes out greattt but my left.. ugh. my right one is growing in really well but my left is growing in patchy.. especially the front hair😠 when I fill them in I feel like it always looks unnatural because im missing the front lil hairs on one & not on the other.. ive tried drawing in lil hair strokes but it just looks meh. any tips?? I'm sooooo close to getting them microbladed bc eyebrows are soooooooo important to me 😍

Roxie Eyeleers: Your "wrong" way reminds me of Jaclyn Hill !!!

ITSPEACHEZDOTCOM: this is soo helpful thanks so much babe! i love your explanations as a mua myself i feel i still make some of those mistakes on myself and im learning everyday its all about learning from your mistakes and to just keep trying/ practising.

Jamie Marie: just found your page & love your look! Question please what is the brand and color name for the liquid lip your using the light plum color

AaronW3440: that white conceal would look ok when mixed with a foundation if its too dark and what some people dont get is you can build the colour but you can never really take away without having to either wash it off or conceal the mistake

Margaret Dale: Hahahaha I love that's this is a does and don't video, and both sides of your face look great to me, but I do see the points you are getting at on your don't side

J Klp: Could you do a vlog when you get your tattoo done in September???
Love you

Dheedhify: Beautiful .... thank u so much : )

Kimberly S: This was so helpful! You just earned a new subbie! 😄

Melissa Soto: Hi Hannah! I'm wondering if you c ould recommend a good concealer for very dark under eyes? I have tried many like; mac pp, it cosmetics, wet n wild, becca etc. They all are either too dry or to creamy! Any suggestions? fyi im 36 and have sort of dry under eyes😊 thanks lady!

Ewa Kras: Which eyeliner were you using?
Makeup Mistakes To Avoid | Tips + Tricks 5 out of 5

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Makeup Mistakes To Avoid | Tips + Tricks