How To Use OPENVPN Private Tunnel

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How To Install Private Tunnel   A Free Vpn Service   On Windows  By Riddz
How To Install Private Tunnel A Free Vpn Service On Windows By Riddz
Unlimited data using private tunnel VPN
Unlimited data using private tunnel VPN
How to use OPENVPN Private Tunnel
How to use OPENVPN Private Tunnel
Anonymous Browsing using Private Tunnel VPN..
Anonymous Browsing using Private Tunnel VPN..
Private Internet Access with OpenVPN
Private Internet Access with OpenVPN

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drew berry: For easier and safer connection, I would recommend Astrill vpn. Been a user for two years now and I have tried it in different countries where censorship is really strong. Very reliable for security.

AshenAdventures: To those who don't want to risk using "Private Tunnel," you can still find the actual OpenVPN client in their community downloads section. Don't get suckered in by that crap, Private Tunnel will probably sell you down the river if the goons ever come knocking.

里布: how do I change user?
I can only redownload the program to change the new user.

Maxim Van Den Eede: NEDERLANDS BRO!

hari zamzi: It posible to use private tunnel using icmp vpn protocol?plz i need internet provider limit my internet speed..i buy 50gb private tunnel data but my speed dont change still 400kbps.any idea?

Khairul Nizam: i'm already bought the 50GB quota with them.but constantly.few hours running hd video in youtube it stopped and it say my account was locked.whrat the heck.50GB!!!!

meanhose: will this hide my ip?

Azim Sabri: I cannot connect to private tunnel , can you help me , my IP is also at LONDON

cato: Heartbleed vunerable?/??

Heck493: does private tunnel work on google chrome or do i need to do something else to make it work?

John Mason: In a way it is and is not free. To start off you only receive a limited amount of data transferring, the only way to make it free is to constantly refer it to your friends over and over.. or create multiple accounts and do it that way. The vpn itself is free but the service over time is not. Other than that the VPN is one of the best I have ever used. It is very secure if you know how to set it up and it has few limitations to what you can and cannot do. 

Josh Humphrey: Full HD 1080p screen recording system, no mic lol. But seriously thx

Martin Heuts: OMG this is weird. After I connected to the server in amsterdam, my download speed went from 150MBit to 220MBit and my upload went from 15 to 32MBit. How is this possible? After a few speedtests, my free 100mb of usage were used ofcourse. I got a message that my account was suspended and I need to purchase more GB's. I did a speedtest and everything went back to normal. How the hell is it possible that this app breaks the speed limits of my ISP??

ramir233: This may be old but heck.. if you said you want to use torrents I wouldn't use private tunnel. Their policy clearly states any illegal activity can land you into trouble. PT also logs your activity which isn't really "private" at all. I would invest to use other VPNs that don't use logs (they usually charge.) If your not going to do illegal stuff (copyright infringement) then your fine. Like bank, bills is OK. Just a warning. :)

Joke: what is this music?

TheOther: *trial

TheOther: Thanks, it worked! Now, is this only a trail run, or is it completely free? And that 100 MB limit... is that only for a day, a month, or what?
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How to use OPENVPN Private Tunnel