ELF Studio Blush Palette Review

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ELF Studio Blush Palette Review
ELF Studio Blush Palette Review
NEW ELF Studio Blush Palettes Review & Swatches!!!
NEW ELF Studio Blush Palettes Review & Swatches!!!
ELF Studio Blush Palettes Review + Swatches!   minaakitty
ELF Studio Blush Palettes Review + Swatches! minaakitty
ELF Studio Blush Collection + Swatches - Review 2014
ELF Studio Blush Collection + Swatches - Review 2014
e.l.f. Studio Blush Palettes   Review & Swatches
e.l.f. Studio Blush Palettes Review & Swatches

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mrs.queen goddess: I just bought my palette. it is soooo pretty.i think i have the dark palette

Silvia Khanmohamed: Darn YouTube dropped my subscription to Emily. Why? Why? Why? Silly YouTube shape up! How dare you? 😆

Angellys My Love: I think maybe they intend for you to exchange out the contour, highlight, and blush pallets to what you use most.

Its5:53 A.M: Will this one be good for medium skin with neutral undertone? Kindly leave an answer thank youu :)

Kayla Wilson: Idk what is wrong with mine but it doesn't want to apply to my cheeks. I swipe across my cheek it does not want to move at all!

Genesis Tejada: do you recommend it for the fall and winter those shades of color? I want nice blush for the winter and fall.

TorysTrending: I bought this palette yesterday and I LOVE IT!

Tamara Davis: Love your reviews. That lip color looks divine on you!

-Maddi Bell-: I'm going to order this!

Nay k: I like elf is great and cheap but, it always wears out on my face

Maria Ulyansova: The bronze shade kinda works as my contour just because it suits my skin tone, I know it's not meant as bronzer or anything but hey that's whats great about makeup, there aren't really any rules.

Wendy Allen: In love with this palette!!!! The bronzey shade works as a bronzer on me (with a very light hand) and these give me such a healthy wash of color. They are the perfect velvety texture, and super blendable. I just apply them with my elf studio blush brush and it always looks great!

ELA RIS: Hi Emily 
I just want to say thank you for being so descriptive with reviews. I am newly disabled and also visually impared, so I can rely on your word with products because I still llike makeup despite the vision problem. Thank you for being a beauty guru I have followed before my disabilities and I'll still be a fabn after.

Sedated Jade: Thank you for the review i bought it yesterday and i didnt know they can come out the boxes its cute. I got it in Dark tone cause im brown would it make a difference if i got light tone? I love your reviews im always tunning in.

Kit Kat: I feel like these are bettter than the single! I looooooove this palette. Awesome quality and awesome colours!

Sarah Caplan: I get married and I want the colour on your cheeks think I'll be purchasing thing palette x

Wendi K.: I received the ELF blush palette in the mail today! I can't wait to try it. =)

Lincolina: Like the review

Faith Lozier: Hi Emily! Did you ever end up purchasing the dark ELF blush palette?

Lisa Garcia: Does anyone kno what blush brush she used in this video?
ELF Studio Blush Palette Review 5 out of 5

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ELF Studio Blush Palette Review