Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale 'The Divine Move' Review

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Straightm8: favorite part was when isaac caught a fly?

Antonio Magana: This is season 4


Alondra Reyes: I heard that it returned on June 10? Answer me back please.. +HappyCool

Alondra Reyes: Not Trying to be Rude, but when I Saw Allison Die.. I Started Laughing.. but I was Sad when Scott and the others were Crying. :-( And I Was Crying when Aiden Died. :'(

voidkruu: How about AIDEN RIP AIDEN BLABFVLudfj

some one: Sandrine ur super freaking hot I wont lie

Rashid Annoor: Kate and peter most likely will team up. Bcuz Kate wanted yo be turned but not bitten so she probably told peter of he had to kill her to slice her throat so she could turn but only if he went deep enough

I Otix: Kate is a were-jaguar

wow55: I think she used Peter to become a werewolf because if she was bite then she would have to kill yourself as part of the code

DoCtorDestiny Hd: issac isn't going to be in season 4. He is leaving teen wolf.

Trell: It was announced that Isaac won't be returning to teen wolf.

devilboy013: Just think about Kate turned because Peter Hale clawed her deeply.I know he wasn't an Alpha when he presumably killed Jennifer,but maybe he can hide his Alpha status and Jennifer is turned into something else at some point.I would like to see something like that,a werewitch or something?

Mark Vargas: Stiles gonna get some wolf watch

Sekou Hicks: WTF adien was way sader than Alison he was posiend by the sword

slatertater: First he kills off Allison, then he kills off Aiden. Two of my favorite characters. Why? Jeff? Why?!??

SSDDstephen: I think Kate killed Deucalion and became a demon wolf

some one: Jeff Davis did say that stiles and milia are going to have a relationship so that's happening

HappyCool: #TeenWolf has come to an end this season, but it's not over until you watch Sandrine's review. Enjoy!

David Jimenez: so was everything that happened this half of the season a dream the only thing real was Derek getting caught by Spanish hunters the only thing real can someone explain this to me.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale "The Divine Move" Review 5 out of 5

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale