Haul/Collection #3: Rilakkuma & Totoro (06.10.12)

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Stupid little squirt: The ruler is so cute

Audrey Darcovich: Wow your dad is nice :o I ♥ Rilakkuma :) Maybe since my dad goes to Japan for work I could ask him if... nvrmnd, he would think I'm a weirdo even though I kinda am XD

Victoria Haymen: o:

YeahBro TV: Oh my goodness you have a great collection super cool. Thanks for sharing just love seeing all the cute stuff.
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necapeteca1: Since it's been 3 years, I'm going to ask.. do you still have that rainbow mini memo? I have the entire rainbow collection and the only one missing is that design. I'm a huge Rilakkuma collector and I have thousands of desings. If you are missing something and would like to trade please let me know. I'm in super need of that design. Dont need to be the whole memo pad.  And of course I'll purchase if you want to sell.

foreverlovecupcake: I thought the deco tapes were bracelets from far away !:D 

Michelle Alvarado: I love all of your memo pads and folders

Oscar Diaz: Rilakkuma fan here RILAKKUMA RULES

Ellen Seung Lee: Omg... the card jas kapanese AND korean on it.... lol
It says 리라쿠마 4단 메모지 and it means rilakkuma 4 layered memo pad(or memo-papers)

Alicia Cheung: Are you giving away toto ro plush

watermelonxsmile: You seem a bit too invested in this. You know how you learn things? You get them wrong until you learn the right way. You do not learn things because someone makes you feel bad about it. Don't be unnecessarily rude.

LittleSurprisesYT: If you watch my more recent videos, you will notice I started using a new camera :) This video was from last year ^^

LittleSurprisesYT: My most recent haul that has Rilakkuma is probably my Christmas Haul that was uploaded in January 2013 :)

Angelica Andia: Amy! Please another Rilakkuma haul video. ^^, The updated one.

Gieneva: I love the way you pronounce bonjour it sounds like you are actually french

Gieneva: Oh my you have so many i think you are so lucky sorry if it is too late but happy birthday

Miss.Crafty for Kawaii: Who cares if she cant pronounces rilakuma or totoro whats the big deal! Its just pronounceing it!!! Stop making fun of her juryexo what u said was mean u cant make her pronounce it

LittleSurprisesYT: I"m not the only one who pronounces it this way, nor am I Japanese. I was also not aware of how it was actually pronounced as I never watched the Totoro films prior to this haul!

Jury Flickenschild: It's so embarrassing that you have so much Rilakkuma stuff but can't even pronounce Rilakkuma and Totoro correctly. It's japanese so please pronounce it that way! Is it so difficult?!

Zenn lim: I want
Haul/Collection #3: Rilakkuma & Totoro (06.10.12) 5 out of 5

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Johnny Utah: That's the model that will fail after around 10,000 rounds, trust me..... Not the model to go man. You should have went with the GP or regular wasr 10 . Seriously not trying to be rude I have all three models me and my friends shoot thousands of rounds each month if not more and I've seen which ones fail first
CilvēksArKameru: it's not the problem with mac. It's problem with samsung camera. When you shoot in 4k all is orange. When you shoot in QHD or FHD all is ok. Even in gsm arena review i saw the same problem, but no mention of it. Why noboty notices that?
Tyran Connor: i wonder why micheal wasnt there
Marie Miller: that thing sounds like it is running smooth and quite very impressive engine
Ciprian Fagarasan: I also have this 97 model and do not find the back clutch where you can find it ??
mangi lal: Aap ki hight
Nick Morgan: Why is everything you shoot from 3 point an A+

Haul/Collection #3: Rilakkuma & Totoro  (06.10.12)