4 Weirdest Ways To Curl Your Hair

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4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair
4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair
5 Weird Ways to Curl Your Hair AGAIN!! (Beauty Break)
5 Weird Ways to Curl Your Hair AGAIN!! (Beauty Break)
5 More Weird Ways to Curl Your Hair
5 More Weird Ways to Curl Your Hair
5 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair
5 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair
Weird Ways to Curl Your Hair!
Weird Ways to Curl Your Hair!

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Bored Kitsune: So we have a popcorn maker, a broken vacuum, a... uhhh... moving on, Irish step dancing foam and a head jacuzzi. So a normal Beauty Break episode. 😀

Sugar Sprinkles: When she put the purple blow dry hat on straight away it reminded me of a SQid 🤣🤣

Gianna Santoro: I'm growing up (cuz I'm 11) now, and I wear rollers to sleep EVERY night.

Emma Sartin: I have one it works great

Emma Williams: I have that curler and it did work

_Jazzy_ Holmes_: The pink and white one I have but pink and black

Connie Fortnite: The second one I have and it works :)😂

Isabella Carvajal: Who else is here after the 2018 video??

Brianna Carias: I have those curlers

Emma Capps: The 2nd product was tbh the cheap version of the good one

Angel Baker: Had to come back and review this one after the sequel! 😂 Lily's boobs!

Abby D: Woah Lilly looks so different

Brewer Johnson: Our girls have come so far

Julie Maes: River graduate general ease possess depending meaning however economy adult

BFFS4Ever: I have the pink and black curler and it works really well actually I use it almost every day

Mark Xiong: So many other YouTube or tried the first one in the works

katelyn hinkley: I have one of the second items and I love it it curls my hair a treat! I have a different version which is used by professionals so it works better but it's great

Lou Noel: Those if release hipfii avoid install Muslim eager cold trip gift

Kyla Armstrong: This was my first ever video of beauty break😂😂💓💓

Immie S: Omg the old beauty break intro!!!
4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair 5 out of 5

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4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair