How To Braid Hair

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Mr. Red: I can't do it :(


Xxsuck_My_ CyrusxX: directions to pickle caught in ceiling fan.

Odile Barka: I DID IT!!!!!! But not from you

Gjana Larson: Why am I watching this? I already know how to braid hair...

Delle World Star: Too fast bro šŸ˜‚

aly rodriguez: im 16 and I still donā€™t know how to braid my hair so here I am oof

Monica Gonzalez: I am 11 years old trying to braid my hair when I get out of the shower. But I can't do itttttttttttt

PinkWolf 101: My sister has to watch this video bcz shes pulling on my hair pls help

John Darcangelo: After 4 years I still can't do hair. No matter how many videos I watch I just can't get any of this crap. My daughter is the prettiest girl in school with the worst hair.

Student Olivia Skeem: im done ive tryed for 1 hour i give up

Kendr Red: It dose not work

Harish Sikka: Awesome

Pearl the rebel: I have curly hair. This is impossible

Karla Gonzalez: Finally the explanation Iā€™ve been needing

Password *0*: Okay I'm not sure but I hope this helps: For Tangled Or Frizzy Hair: Brush your hair so theres no tangles. If your hair is frizzy or gets tangled easy, hairspray it, blow dry it, then brush. Continue it for 2 more times, but only blow dry it, and brush your hair. How to Braid the hair: Separate 3 pieces of hair. Get the left side and put it on your left shoulder, Then, take the right side and put it on your right shoulder. Leave the middle piece as it is. Pick your left piece up then cross it over the middle piece. Take your right piece and if theres a space in the middle where you crossed it put it there. Then take your middle piece and go under the left piece. After that, take the right piece and go under the middle piece. Continue the steps from left to right then the middle. Also, continue the steps you already did. Im sorry if it didn't help :(

Password *0*: My hair tangles easy ;-;

Austin Klass: this helped a lot so I could braid my exes hair. thanks

Potato Queen: Stop putting up that finger!!

How to Braid Hair 5 out of 5

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How to Braid Hair