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RawBeautyKristi: Hey guys - I hear your complaints and want to address them. I was reading through a reddit thread about this video, and some valid points came up about the look i created with the Palette. Saying there are a million interesting colors in here and THIS is the look I chose? Yeah - it is. I did a look that I didn't add into the video (it was with the turquoise & blue and gold and it looked like some weird sports team) so i ended up going with this.
I know its my due diligence as a YouTuber to work harder to create amazing looks with palettes to give them their full potential, and I feel I didn't do that with either this or the BH Zodiac Palette. I have been really off my game as far as shadows are concerned. BUT I will definitely be trying harder in upcoming videos to make cool and interesting looks for you guys. I also was coming back from a sickness in this video, so I was definitely off. - I will do better!

Amber Howard: I am not an artist and I even know WITH ALL PALLETS that sometimes, MANY TIMES, you have to use different pallets or eyeshadow colors that didn't come with just that one pallet. I see it with ALL youtube review tutoriels. I think the creation you made looks bomb myself. But I also think you are kinda a bitch tbh...

Chandler Dailys: 1st video ever watched on your channel..you serkously just cured my depression

Talestra: It's a "triptych " design, usually seen in renaissance alters. Basically KVD was going for blatant imitation/sacrilege. No criticism, just another art degree with no other function than random design trivia. (Looking for a job though if anyone knows anything available)😈🖤💜💗
Love your videos lady!

Erika leyva: Look more into the info about the pallete and why the colors are layed out the way they are 😂🙄 you'd understand more .. probably wouldn't bitch so much 😂 cute look tho

Lauren Kalli: you're very talented and i love your personality <3

SalemGrimm: Vegan activist I have 0 issue with, however her being an anti-vaxxer I do draw massive problems with, awful, awful woman.

Laney Lu: I hear that cluster headaches are extremely painful. Like childbirth and more pain in your brain. You should talk about it more.

vonigner: Kat Von D is so vegan she wanna raise "vegan child, without vaccinations." Bleh.

katem: I agree! Bought it months ago and have not used it just because the colors dont worl well together ??

Chris: Girl this was like a huge dump on her!! It’s not a palettes I would pay for but I could do sm eye looks w it lol jusy looking the orange could go w the pink,the browns,red,like??

Mariana Campos: bitch....YOU KILLED THAT LOOK!!!! much love! xoxoxo

Meredith Durham: Please please please do a look using her 10th anniversary pallete!! My girlfriend just bought it for me and I’d really like some inspiration!! Maybe, a pride look!!??

kathryne lewis: Love this look so much! And I thought it was plenty creative!

gabriela martinez: I thought u were cool before never really watched you , but bitch u so negative. It’s a nice pallette! Pigmented and easy to blend

aseel Salman: Hi 👋 l hope to get the palette 🎨 but there is no in my country please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

Sarah Hoizi: I know I am so late to the party - but damn girl, you are talented!! New sub 😍👍

NerdyPanda Gaming: I actually love the layout. It leaves room for creativity instead of most pallets basically telling you what to do if that makes any sense.

Cindy Thomas: I just don't hate this look. The more I look at it the more I likes it.

Preciouse Valentin: This pallet confuses me I just don’t like it I could not buy this ever

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