Top Load Cooling Issue

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Top Load Cooling Issue
Top Load Cooling Issue
avalon top loading water cooler    Review
avalon top loading water cooler Review
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Bottom Load Cooling Issue
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amira dakroub: Mine the cool water stopped working after few months

CA1460 Anctil: Thank you YouTube and this video,,, little fingers turned the switch off on my water cooler.

Mo City Beau: pos stopped working after 3 months

Cavity Creep: piece of freaking crap is already broken, no hot water after 2 month of limited use

Junior Kong: Don't let the Disney princess music fool you these units are a piece of crap. You should be able to get at least one quart of ice cold water out of it. Mine won't even make one glass even with the hot side off all day. It makes hot water though but big deal. Garbage.

Nick K: My switches in the back are completely missing...there are only white caps in their place...why is that

mangreat71: what's the best water dispenser i can keep in my house to keep the water cold and the other side warm/hot that's solar or electric around $30-$150 ????

Prasad Cheulkar: Thanks for the Video, I feel that this should solve my problem of not cooling the water enough as before. The baffle and internal Non Return valve might have got disturbed while transporting dispenser to my new place.
Top Load Cooling Issue 5 out of 5

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Mastesa Stellasa: Hi beautiful results may i know which doctor you have operation. ...thanks
P Nice: ทำคิปเยอๆๆค่ะแม่อายหมุชอบ
Jool: I love the orange and white color more than the black and orange - it just pops.
Johnny Utah: That's the model that will fail after around 10,000 rounds, trust me..... Not the model to go man. You should have went with the GP or regular wasr 10 . Seriously not trying to be rude I have all three models me and my friends shoot thousands of rounds each month if not more and I've seen which ones fail first
CilvēksArKameru: it's not the problem with mac. It's problem with samsung camera. When you shoot in 4k all is orange. When you shoot in QHD or FHD all is ok. Even in gsm arena review i saw the same problem, but no mention of it. Why noboty notices that?
Tyran Connor: i wonder why micheal wasnt there
Marie Miller: that thing sounds like it is running smooth and quite very impressive engine

Top Load Cooling Issue