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sailakshmi baskaran: was really nd worst video thoo

chloe11333: u r vary good at makeup

LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such: Thanks. Good help. Not a girl. But will be cross dressing in a death metal band on stage for the lulz. Full fem drag.

TitusValkyrieAnubus: I’m 32 years old and never successfully applied liquid liner until your tutorial. Thanks for being life changing 😊

Jessica Tellez: 8)

Cass Hynd: You are beautiful!

ms dimples: The best winged liquid eyeliner video on youtube ;)

srotaswini mohanty: u r bloody fool

mahogany duvall: soooo helpful thankyou

farheen khan: Mujhe liner bahut pasand hai par hamesa kharab ho jata hai ya palak par lag jata hai

Brissia Cardona: this video is so helpful , thank you v much ❤

Anita Nirmala: You're the best for teaching how to use eyeliner liquid 😘

Jamie Lynn Sprague: Thank you for this tutorial! You've given me confidence to try this myself.

NEHA MAKHIJA: though I had seen many tutorials but the way u explained was best😘 .. good job

Jenkins Y&M: hi what camera are u using?

Angel Dia: can you do a talk through eyebrows tutorial

Sofia: How do they make it look so easy everytime I do it I make it into eyeshadow for god sake lol


bellatheboss: LOVE YOUR EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!

lusciousbrownsuga727: Hi I sent you a message on your Facebook.
How to apply liquid eyeliner│Tamekans 5 out of 5

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How to apply liquid eyeliner│Tamekans