World Of Warships 2012 (EU)

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joseph tuckett: PLease give us a possible relise date as this si the only game of its type!!!!

Mansai Nomura: GO! YAMATO!!

KOSMOS1701A: Uh Wargaming, I respect this trailer and think it looks awesome, but your depiction of Yamato on the ocean floor is wrong. Yamato rolled over during sinking, which caused all the turrets to fall out of their housings, then on the way down the ship broke up, the bow is sitting nearly upright on the ocean floor, the stern section rolled over and sits upside down sort of perpendicular to the bow section, and the center section, mainly consisting of wheelhouse, smokestack, and all the surrounding ship sits in a jumbled mess a few hundred feet from the stern, with the entire wreck being surrounded by little bits of the ship.

Adrian Brobo: I will wiat for War Thunder ships 

Jacob S: Did this game come out yet? I tried to get it but failed to do so.

Niv Loewenberg: Wargaming sure known how to make awesome trailers.


Ferenc ifj.Farkas: When is it possible to play with him already?

Phoenix Fire: based on this video, I think Aircraft Carriers are gonna be the new arty, except you intercept them :D

Wesley Richmeier: I require technical assistance. I am trowing all my money at the screen but nothing is happening! pls halp

Toujours Trippin: Wow

2000rayc: wtf really? i seen this crap two years ago show some game play!

Niko Karau: I want to see some ingame fotage !! Please :)

Paulius177: who time this game realys


Hojbjerg: Reopload?
World Of Warships 2012 (EU) 5 out of 5

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Chang Charky: • Em muốn dùng thử 3 ngày thì có mất phia không ạ ?
Luis Alvarez: Jay looks like he stuck his fingers in the electric socket
kimberly Blevins: Cleaning the liver doesn't go through the blood to cleanse it goes through your lymphatic system aka your immune system aka sewer system then expels thru the or waste 1&2 and any other openings thru the body nose eyes mouth and ears
thefifthkeeper: Please get some lessons before you get seriously hurt. It's clear to see that you've got no proper training.
fireless559: They really shouldn't say who they think is going to win based on previous games that they've played against each other and others it ruins the whole game.
Joaco de Marco: so well made, great work!
Babbleloo: I always respect peoples opinions and will never say anyone is wrong when it comes to a fan theory... Just wanted to say that so I don't sound like a pickle when I say that I think this theory is bullcrap.  I agree with what you are saying about how it wouldn't make sense and it would suck if we never get a Red Hood in the future. Plus in the comics, the Joker has spoken about memories and how he just prefers to forget them by slipping into madness. So, him getting tattoos of his past makes no sense. Anyway I'll stop now so I don't go on forever. Just wanted to say that I can't recommend "Death in the Family" enough, I really love that story. And I still love watching your videos, keep up the good work. Sorry for the long comment

World Of Warships  2012 (EU)