Glass And Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8

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newtpondskipper: Hail Hydra!

cutewood83: I see the inspiration of the Beauregard character...

LAURENT1710: What was the monster that they were fighting at 1:39:10?

Souless Deeds: Marisha Ray is one of those people who is completely blind to the groups generally "Current situation". She has repeatedly spouted things that are just not relevant to whats happening at that time. Or blindly runs into crap that everyone else is like "Wut.. why would you do that?".

AmishRiot: Tiberius sure has a lot of magic items

Mary Goldstein: I'm so happy to be watching this series finally. All of these characters are fantastic, and Matt Mercer is a WHOLE snack ;)

Peter Cordes: In case anyone was wondering about spell rules, Wall of Stone is a concentration spell (becomes permanent only if you go the full 10 mins duration without breaking concentration, otherwise poof), and so is Grasping Vine.,

So the rules say Grasping Vine should have dropped most of the party into the sea of bone. (Not complaining, just was curious how their game differed from what the 5e rules say.)

But Wall of Stone doesn't have to be vertical. Marisha clearly said "dance floor" and was (I'm pretty sure) picturing a horizontal wall. IDK if Matt misunderstood or incorrectly imposed a vertical requirement on the walls for some reason. Maybe if the wall had been horizontal, the grasping bone would have pulled them down?

(The wall does have to be contiguous, and touching some existing stone at one end, so maybe Matt decided that it had to be vertical to build off a stalactite.

JediAnn Solo: I really want to care about Trinket, but Laura has not made him do anything that makes me hope he lives. All he’s done is get in the way and cause Laura to waste time trying to move him around the landscape.

Tyler K.: Percy does so little i somethimes forget hes part of the party. Scanlan did too:"Non of us haves guns."

ThePentamonium: before her hunter's mark faded could she have refreshed it? like recasting it on zeroing in on it or is that not a thing that can be done?

Kasey Malec: I love Clarota! And miss Grog lol

Henrique Erzinger: 2:28:00 "bears can climb trees..." -> Black bears CAN climb even vertical stuff, almost like running up it on all fours, it's pretty amazing. Now, grizzlys on the other hand...

Cortex: Marisha ray the human sniper,

2:25:00 you have gnome idea....

Daniel Dowell: I know people get annoyed with vex(hunters mark and useless trinket etc) but why is noone annoyed with pike? one she keeps calling her weapon a mace...its a damn flail. maces don't have a ball and chain...two she constantly forgets how her channel divinity works and matt is constantly correcting her...can never find her spell save or spell attack bonus...three shes the war priest variant of cleric and she never uses any of the cool features of the class! facepalm if you wanted to be a support and pure healer why the hell aren't you using the domain of life, you get better heals....the war priest is the most lethal cleric variant and she never attacks. she has a bonus action that lets her attack again...she could take 3 attacks...she also has other offensive buffs from the class...and bigger evocation spells like freaking what a rant...sorry warpriest is favorite class in 5e.

Merry Contrarian: Damn, Keyleth coming with the salt.

James Roesch: Wow that was some inept role playing from Keyleth. “Are you congratulating us for being murderers?” Lol. Plus she stepped all over what was supposed to be Scanlan’s moment and made it about her.

Seth Perotti: Not the same without grog

Brandon Dudley: keyleths conversation with kima made absolutely no sense. as a druid, she should have no qualms about killing undead things and illithids and duargar, all of whom are enemies of nature and balance.

Lars Dols: Oh, the bear puns . . . THE PUNS!

Idofphoenix: 2:11:14 Marisha remembers she's on camera and has been flashing cleavage lol
Glass and Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8 5 out of 5

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Glass and Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8