Glass And Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8

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SteelD34KC: Liam's right though, Matt freaks him constantly.

Brela Hendrix: Yikes. Keyleth was savage

ands1983: @2:31:28 what is it Laura says to Liam? "Are you serious right now? Are you touching my balls...(?)" and Liam looks like he's trying to pretend nothing happened.

Mackenzie Nellis: @2:23:00 literally getting stoned off camera. lol.

izzyG710: "are they in an underground base?"
yes, everything here is an underground base.

Azuon79: Yeez Kiima stop, this is hard already, MOMS SPAGHETTI!!

Azhdaya: Percys nat 20 was epic and so cool how matt describe dhim being blasted back off the wall

Alexander Keck: Coming to this late but thought it would be worth noting. Just found this and have started watching. I just watched the previous episode and if I remember correctly she did not remember to apply her hunter's mark. She remembered right after rolling damage that she forgot to apply it as she always does. I think it helped a little that they had that, Matt was surprised for sure

Emma Bean: Did anyone else catch Matthew's little wink at 1:22:03? Precious

Jyygylag: I have never seen a male playing a ranger lose their crap when their animal is threatened like female player. A woman will blow everything trying to save their animal companion, going so far as to waste high level spells when there are better ways of handling things. The blowing of a potion is right there on the top. They are in THE Underdark, they have no idea when they will get potions, and instead of waiting for a healer to pop a quick and easy heal spell, a potion is flushed down the drain because of an overreaction. Now, you all can claim, "RP," but then every female ranger I have ever run across RPs their ranger as a highly tuned nature warrior who turns into a teenage girl when their companion takes damage, and it is so damned JARRING as a player when it happens so consistently, and it just breaks the flow of the RP due to how often I, in MANY groups, see this EXACT SAME stereotypical story play out. Now, I'm not saying that getting upset over your animal companion is out of character for any ranger, as they suffer if their companion dies, but maybe don't freak out like an over reactive, mellow-dramatic teen when you are a damned RANGER! Letting your emotions take control in a battle situation (like she displays, getting upset in the sad, extreme panicky sort of way that always lead to failure, ESPECIALLY if your GM, like mine, takes the player's hyper panic into account, and gives the ranger negatives to combat due to their panic, which I personally enjoy) like they face can lead to death very quickly, and has, in some instances, led to a TPK because a player liked that girl player, and ended up blowing crap that could have been useful against the damn Beholder mounted Illithid that was waiting for us at the end of a trapped corridor, with it's mass of Druegar thralls. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Garret Maroncelli: Captions for Matt's noises are the best
2:10:17 (slurpy noises)

tank7720: 1000 pound bear? That's a big damn bear. An average grizzly is like 500-600

Simon Chavez: ugh I'd forgotten how violently stupid Marisha was about Kima.

bobby cornell: Lilith x Klurota

DJ BroChill: I just started watching the campaign from the beginning, but Orion seems like such a poor sport, there's a reason he was turned to stone.

FireHazard Entertainment: Man crap got heavy for a second there

Raven: a giant bear carrying a stone halfling is stealthier than scanlan, lol

Grandpa: Ok, like... I may be a complete retard... but... if this was uploaded in August 2015, and obv. recorded before, how on earth does marisha have a widowmaker shirt, if Overwatch came out in May 2016, so there was defo no merchandise yet... or were there so many icons and stuff in circulation already and this is a "self-designed" shirt? I'm so confused :(

Cieltee: Trinket as a kitten sounds so freaking adorable and I love this.

Schor Factor: Am I the only one mad that Kima only did a level one Divine Smite on a crit? I play paladins pretty frequently, and if you crit a boss, you use max level divine smite.
Glass and Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8 5 out of 5

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Glass and Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8