Glass And Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8

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danbill02: Most of the decisions made by Keyleth and Tiberius are poorly thought out, go terribly for the team, and only further proves they would be better as NPCs.

luanblue3: Really avengers common Travis you are my fav person on this show...

Robert Marchione: Tiberius >.< that was clever, it was not smart.

Fabio Santana: Everyone is awesome,but Tiberius especially! He doesn't seem like Orion Acaba, he's a completely different person

Aeleas: Was Marisha wearing a Widowmaker shirt 9 months before Overwatch came out?

poofballoon TM: Sam. You made a sexist joke. Apologize, accept it and don't try to joke it off to save yourself. One can love women and still say something really sexist. You did a mistake, now learn from it, instead of trying to joke away the shame.

Africanus Films: Also at 47:20 did someone just pull a tucker from rvb? My nerd heart is swelling

Africanus Films: You know there is that one old dueragar thats looking at the central tower being filled with lava going "i warned them! I f*cking warned them! 'How about we not build our stronghold next to a lava flow?' but nooooo we just had to build it next to the lava we just HAD to look aesthetically pleasing! Well look where we are now!!

Herbert Kraft: "We may leave her here for safeceeping" 31:20 Clarota is the best.

Perennial Child: even with initiative you can flee, guys

Someone's Side Channel: "are you congratulating us for murder"
Everybody who hates marisha: "Says the one who murdered children and dwarves"

And promptly felt guilty. The dwarf was an accident, she thought he was dead. I don't know about the child, but that probably wasn't on purpose either, based on the blatant guilt she showed after the dwarf. So, say you accidentally killed someone, and then some asshole you've met a few minutes ago says " nice keep doing that". What would you respond with? Probably not "oh yeah thanks lol"

Pat Franks: Scanlan rolls at disadvantage for remark save

Pat Franks: what matt you didn't go to homedepo a get a terra cotta tile for a stone plate? bad DM, bad

Soundwave563: I was totally with Taliesin to save the Under Dwarf but Liam and Laura were just so excited to throw him off.

Wolpha: "Now we know ho many hit points it takes to kill a kitten."

maki_sensei: They're lvl 9 right, and no one has the tiny hut spell? I'm just wondering why. It seems like something so useful for a situation like this. Is it exclusive to Wizards or something?

TheUnbrøkenSociety: I got into critical role through their second campaign actually, so now I have the original to go through as I wait for the episodes to come out

James Robin: Half-elves get half rest time anyway lol

Georgiy German: And once again after killing the elf like centipede creature noone collected the head scalp to collect the reward money they were offered for the side quests lol

Yongkang Liu: keyleth has been crazy and doesn't even know what she is doing all the time, it's been annoying but I applause for marisha's role playing as a chaotic good(evil? child slayer?lol) durid, cause they supposed to be crazy and nonsense
Glass and Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8 5 out of 5

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Glass and Bone - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 8