Best Blush Application Tips For Every Face Shape And Skin Tone | Beauty With Susan Yara

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Blusher placement for YOUR face shape
Blusher placement for YOUR face shape
How To Apply Blush For Your Face shape   Chapter 4
How To Apply Blush For Your Face shape Chapter 4
NEW & Reformulated Blushes   Makeup Geek
NEW & Reformulated Blushes Makeup Geek

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Gurpreet Sudan: awesome

M Amrutha: Awesome

sonali mukherjee: Nice video

Noor Taiyeba: All the blushes look the same on my face

Sheigne Sigua: Love this channel! Definitely subscribed. 😍

You can use blush as eyeshadows

little bear: What blush are you wearing ?

Myriam G: I dont need blush just put me near my crush

Sadaf Ashraf: great

Shekinah Jaira: I love simple make-up n love to watch ur channel,,, thank uuuu

Araish ghayatri: I loveeeee youuuuu soooooo muchhhh Susan yara

Maya Moghrabi: You could use a blush as an eyeshadow too

Dora Padjen: Probably noone will see my comment but nevertheless...I was just wondering, why(OH WHY) for heaven sake??!?) Nobody ever mentioned what would suit oblong/long face shape??! I'm always hearing about all other shapes... and, in my modest opinion, it's pure logic how to contour/apply blush on those faces.
But for oblong, it's quite difficult... Well, I'm following some logical premises when contouring& highlighting but I have some issues with blush... and I'd have a question or two about my brows, i.e. their form...etc.
Yep, I can be quite a pain in the ass but I'm a journalist so that's something that goes "with the territory"(in my language we have a phrase "professional deformation"....)
As I said earlier, if somebody even see this comment and answer it- I'd be forever grateful!

Lauren Vanacken: I think 1 of the best tips for blush is that you first apply it on the back of your cheek and then swipe it forwards towards your cheekapples. The blush will not explode on your cheek like many people have.

jihane med: you put way too much blush looks like a clown ⛔

Auna Smith: I've always had really bright, naturally rosy cheeks but recently started wearing BB creams daily to even out my skin and moisturise (winter in the desert wreaks havoc on even the healthiest skin). Suddenly, I have no natural color! So rather than trying to go with the more chic applications, I've stuck to applying it in a way that mimics my natural flush. It's definitely more than I would apply on a date, but it works beautifully for an au naturel look!

Ashok Patel: Adding blush to the backs of your cheeks gives you a more youthful look.

Ryan Hershey: Yes, a very informative and down to earth video. Thank you

Izabella Evans: This isn't really a BLUSH hack but you can use any lipstick as an eye colour don't put it on straight from the stick though or else it's to pigmented and looks cakey so just put a little on you're finger and blend

I'm in love with makeup I swear I will marry it

Omg the new Becca highlighter is so beautiful by the way

And you look beautiful

Lin Lin: nice tips! however, the color part was a bit stereotypical. I have very pale NC15 skin and I absolutely adore using such blushes as purply plum or super vivid orange coral. there are no rules for choosing the right blush color! it can make the look so much more original without using any eyeshadows

Jessamyn Talbert: This was so helpful and awesome :)! Can't wait to try it
Best Blush Application Tips for Every Face Shape and Skin Tone | Beauty with Susan Yara 5 out of 5

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Best Blush Application Tips for Every Face Shape and Skin Tone | Beauty with Susan Yara