Let's Play Dragon Age: Origins - 12 - Revenant Ruckus

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Weston Moffat: Ok, so he doesn't even finish the game for this series? This is the last video...? Extremely annoyed. Just spent all this time watching him play and he ends it here. Thanks mate.

roman78x: 2 skulls, so its lose. You didnt finished the game, if 2 members of your party died...

RFC3514: Taunting right at the start of a fight is kind of suicidal; it makes every enemy hit the taunter at the same time. It's generally best to let them hit random targets once and then taunt. That way the initial hit is spread across everyone (but shouldn't be enough to kill anyone).

drifter848: the landmark tree is for the mabari to piss on then it makes mabri dominance active for the entitre area

Lardon2: Pretty done well in the court of the castle!

Galadeil: ahhaha there should be the knights  at the gates but there all dead

FelixMerivel: Dave, there is one awesome mod in the Nexus, called "Extra Dog Slot", that allows you to have the mabari as a summoned creature, I think you might like to try it.

Martin Adamian: Dear God, I remember doing this level on hard and not knowing about the knights at the gate.

Jed: :( you forgot the blacksmiths daughter .

Archer Kalte: Hey Dave, you may want to try using the combination hits with Morrigan's magic, for example if you cast Vulnerability Hex on an enemy and then use Drain Life on them you'll drain %100 more damage to the enemy, plus the life drain will award more life to you. It works the same if you used Drain Mana on them, except you'll take %50 more mana.
AND  there's one particularly good one, if you combine a Glyph of Paralysis with a Glyph of Repulsion it will explode, paralyzing anything nearby!
Finally, you could have your Mages freeze an opponent, then score a critical hit on them or have the warriors of your party use things like Shield Bash, Overpower, and Cripple. It will Shatter the opponent, killing them instantly. But, it won't work on Lieutenant ranked enemies (Yellow named ones) and up I think 

PiousMuffin: I don't know how to put this, but... stop lying in Sten's face, the Qunari Cap is clearly better.
Honestly, what I would say you were doing wrong there, is not killing the critters first. There's actually flanking bonuses in this game, for every guy adjacent to an enemy you get bonuses to offense, and it works both ways. If those critters are alive, they not only deal more damage but let the revenant deal more damage. Getting all 3 guys next to, and attacking the revenant lets you maximise your damage, and kill it asap while minimising the damage you take, which is the key to fighting revenants.
My procedure for this fight is usually letting the knights in, and having my tank take the revenant for a walk while everyone else deals with it's minions.

And a little bit about revenants in general, since you will probably run into one before this LP is over (there's also a codex for this, but I recall it being somewhat vague). Their melee attacks can hit multiple targets, so you should avoid having more than one guy next to one, maximise damage, and stay away from it if possible. They're immune to most status effects and ice damage (they might be resistant to nature damage as well if I recall correctly) so avoid wasting effort on those.

PiousMuffin: I assume by the name of this video, that I should be saying "THIS, is why you don't get the knights killed"
Also, it seems the soul of Ser Perth is with you.

David Drake: I think you should have taking teh bloodmage with you so you could use em to kill stuff with. But I never heard of this game before your playthou so what do I know...

Dan Wilkes: To stop Sten from attracting much aggro, try going into his tactics and stopping him from using the sustained ability threaten. I would also recommend replacing it with indomitable, I dont remember exactly what it does but I remember it being quite good. 

SorcererDave: +Tol Hydra Newsflash, I always brighten my videos afterwards in editing. If it's too dark for you, you need to get a better monitor.

JC Denton: Newsflash Dave; youtube makes videos darker.

Azriel87: you need a mabari hound (gorim) to activate the landmark with him  to gain  "Mabari Dominance" providing him with bonuses of +2 strength, +2 willpower, and +2 constitution - You know...mabari is a giant dog and a dog still need to mark his territory

Lavalette: It's been a long time but I believe you have to check the landmark with your dog.

Archredbeard: A wee advice, use the sustained abilities, especially on your tanks Harald and Alistair. Most important is the Shieldwall, since that mitigates damage a lot. Use Sten and Morrigan to quickly dispatch of archers etc

ShortVideosRUs: Why do all the helmets in Dragon Age look so retarded?
Let's Play Dragon Age: Origins - 12 - Revenant Ruckus 5 out of 5

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Let's Play Dragon Age: Origins - 12 - Revenant Ruckus