Updated Eyebrow Routine + Wunderbrow Review

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Updated Eyebrow Routine + Wunderbrow Review
Updated Eyebrow Routine + Wunderbrow Review
WUNDERBROW Impressions + Demo + Review   Nicole Hilton
WUNDERBROW Impressions + Demo + Review Nicole Hilton

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Sinem Layla: Bla bla blaaaaaa

SandraSassy Price: Wish sells the actual brand even tho it doesn't say in description. That it actually winder brow but it costs either free and $1 shipping or vice versa awesome deal and the real thing, just like fenty by Rhianna foundation just dollars and actual branded product only issue is colors are not shown correct so very light so order the darkest color you would think would be way to dark yet when it comes it's on the light light side

Kathy Himlin: Why are you rambling? I don't care about your personal problems. Just get to the point.

Alessandra Beauty Glam: Hi Melrae!
I love your video and glad to know you are fascinated with our WUNDER2 products. My name is Alessandra and I work in the Corporate office in Miami Fl. I invite you and all you cuties reading this to visit our website www.wunder2.com for all of our best products like the: Wunderbrow, Perfect Selfie HD photo finishing powder, Coverproof Foundation, Super Stay Liners, Wunder D-Fine Gel, Lip Plumping Gloss, Wunderlift, Prime & Behold, Wunder Extension Volumizing Mascara and MORE!! Once you select everything you will like give me a call at 305-901-0718 ext 574 if no answer, leave me a message with your number and I'll call you back :) If you are unsure of what color to get is OK I'll help you figure it out! I can hook you up with freebies, discounts and promotions. Is FREE SHIPPING & FREE OF TAXES for everyone in the US except for Florida and Canada there is taxes but FREE shipping :) For all of my Canadians you can reach me at our TOLL FREE # on the web; that is 1800-699-4670 and ask to speak with ALESSANDRA.
Let me know where you saw this promo from and I'll hook you up.
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Lindsay Johnson: what color lip stuff are you wearing?Β  that's the link pink I have been trying to get!

FdFd 3nabi: I like your eyeshadow sooooooo much my dear may I know which eyeshadow you use 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌹

Ladynipchick 7: I think you are an adorable and honest person - and I didn't mind all the details you gave about your life in the beginning: that kind of thing makes you more believable to me. So thanks for the Brunette review: very useful for me as I've just purchased it, having tried Auburn and Blonde (have darkish red brown hair). I hope it doesn't run warm on me!! I also wanted to say I love the fact that you only make the upper part of your eye up. I get sick of seeing heavy, goopy eye-makeup constantly splashed all round the eye here on Youtube and on the street. It really closes the eye in, instead of bringing it out in beauty! Also, so nice to see a natural lip-shape without heavy overdrawing. You go girl! Some people will be envious of sweet and natural good looks that don't need yards of makeup. Will be quiet now. I always talk too much when I'm overtired, lol. Hope you are ok: I see I'm about a year and a half late in commenting on this video. Ah well: better late than never. X

Onalani Mahoe: This is a review mainly for people who r looking into buying the product so she's supposed to talk about it and give info LOTS of youtubers do that in reviews why is this any different people are giving her so much crap

Delysjes: it starts 5:48 your welcome

BlackStallion: πŸ‘πŸΌ what lashes are you wearing ? They look very nice !

Macy Ayres: The fact that I had to skip 6 minutes into the video to see the actual product is ridiculous. I definitely won't be following you, considering you talked about absolutely nothing for half the video

be happy: wich color plzzz

Cassandra Garza: Yasssss! Sold!

Amy Miller: Disheartening how cruel and ignorent some people can be with their rediculous comments. That was a great tutorial and review. thank you. I love what you do with your eye makeup and would love to see a tutorial on that if you don't already have one. I just subscribed so will check your other videos. Take care <3

Dan Alien: Skip to 5:48 for her review/tutorial and to skip all the echoing

tayhe7720: your room echos and can be hard to listen to.

Mike & Pauline Buchan: I have my hair as near white as can get it now, one of my brows is patchy where I had an op. I have just ordered it in the blonde. I hope it looks half as good as yours.

Jessica Libby: Thank you so much for the detailed explanation of this product, it's exactly what I've been looking for!!! I haven't been able to find anyone say that they've actually tested by sleeping in it (which is what I need). I've also been on the fence about the right shade to purchase, and you cleared that up, as well. Great video!

Wajma Nasri: Less talking pls

Monica Giannella: This really irritates me! When you click on someone's video, you're essentially entering their home and begin to listen to what they have to say. Is that how you guys (the ones complaining she talks too much) treat people when you walk into their homes? Just plain rude man! This is her home! If you don't like what she has to say, simply move on to the next home (video) or simply fast forward to when she begins to say what interest you. Internet etiquette that's all! Love your eyebrows by the way! Beautiful!
Updated Eyebrow Routine + Wunderbrow Review 5 out of 5

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Updated Eyebrow Routine + Wunderbrow Review