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Nike Kd 9 Performance Review!
Nike Kd 9 Performance Review!
Nike KD 9 Performance Test
Nike KD 9 Performance Test
Nike KD 9 Performance Review
Nike KD 9 Performance Review
Nike KD 9 Performance Review!
Nike KD 9 Performance Review!

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Dylan Whitt: Brush what is up with those track shorts

Joe Jackson x Ike turner Tax time pimp: You shoot like Jamal Crawford

Kyle Stang: 700th sub here

Keyhna Lyons: I got the black and grey ones today

Rxckless Kel: thos are nice im trying to get them for school

Malachi Hosier: This is trash

박정환: NIGGA

Song Vo: How's the traction on a duty court like 24 hour fitness? The Kobe 11s are terrible--absolute no traction sliding a lot.

Bhobolate: Ayye the kid hoops

Angel Perez: Initially when you first got them, did you find it difficult to actually put your foot in the sneaker?

eProds.: I'm 13 yrs old, 180cm from EU. I played last season as pf/c. I think i will be sf/pf next season, becouse i don't like to play pf/c so much as i would like to play sf. My dribble skills is very well, i can shoot mid-range and my contact layups is very good. I'm athletic and very fast + i have good vertical jump. Is this shoe would be good for me? And i wear 44.5 hyperdunk2014, its like 10.5. If i want these what size i need?

The Wolf: hey man, have you hooped in the kd8? because a lot of people, including me, popped the zoom in it while hooping. do you think this kd9 will be more durable than the kd8? would really appreciate it if you reply. thanks in advance!

ISO KOBE: nice video

Kyler Cassel: hey bro. Not trying to criticize you or anything, but at one minute in the video, look when you step into your shot on the left side, your hips, shoulders, and feet are pointing toward the baseline instead of the basket. Just wanted to let you know and great vid bro. think this is my next ball shoe

Kino Carranza: Is this in Mansfield Texas?

Marvin Mathews: please were did you buy the shoe from...cuz i heard ut dosent come out till the 20th

Kicks Forever: Aye man, this channel has the potential to be great bro💯💯 just keep up the good work👍🏾

Andy Gallant: is the traction a dust magnet

CPTNSHINYSIGHTS: I'ma have to get the grey ones I also want the d rose 7s

Sergiu Idu: where did you bought them?

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Anil Waiba: This yowamushi pedal is also super amazing
Matt Dasher: I think they mean the Goblin helmet.
appel team: nl????
Jones the Moblin: I remember finding this with my best friend when I was a teenager back in '07. Greatest accidental find ever.
Chronic Supreme: You should of made a clip of cruising and idling of the car. so we could use that to compare to the track edition.. please do as it would help greatly
Frslow_Armani: haha yeah mach diesel. ok found you
Glória Novo: I did it today for my mom´s birthday. I dind´t do the icing because i didn´t have the icing ingredients but it taste amazing, thanks. Sorry if there is any writting errors. Hi from Portugal