Simple Smokey Eye For Beginners

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Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners
Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners
Easy & Affordable Everyday Makeup Look   Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners
Easy & Affordable Everyday Makeup Look Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners
Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners ♡
Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners ♡
Perfect Smokey Eye in 5 Steps?! Smokey Eye Tutorial for Beginners   Roxette Arisa
Perfect Smokey Eye in 5 Steps?! Smokey Eye Tutorial for Beginners Roxette Arisa

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Nagma Reshma: love it❤

Raechel Barentson-Frantom: Really helpful! 💖💖💖 Thankyou!

cathy finney: Loved how She applied the smoky eye! Beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing! ♥️

ANNIE LoveYT: idk how u put that thing in ur nose it lookes scarey

Syed Nikhath: soo helpful

Marie: I am 62 now, and I put on make up since I was 14 ! But I am still too stupid for this look . But beautiful look ! I keep on trying !!!!!!

Humna Imtiaz: Can anyone help me? Everytime i do makeup on my eyes they look swelled😂 what am i doing wrong? (I'm sure it in not because of makeup quality )

vesper vesper: Your eyes are so beautiful .... and your tutorials are so so so helpful . Thanks

huneymonsta: Love your videos!

Md. Shamim Khan: Nice

Saim Ghani: really very nice

Simran Kaur: So beautiful eyes

Saman Mushtaq: Beautiful look!!! Btw What's the music in the Background??

abdul qudoos: You have beautiful eyes

Jacinta Odeh: simply cute

Ch Ikram: i like it it's simple n elegant

Hairstyle Compliments: Wow😮

MIKI-WAWA: So many steps. Seems difficult.

Autumn Murphy: I love this tutorial!! It’s so easy and so cute!!! I can actually do this Smokey eye look

Fiercely Me: Where have you been all my life!!!
Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners 5 out of 5

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Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners