My Buildcraft S2E42 - I Can Has Minecarts?

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My Buildcraft S2E42 - I can has Minecarts?
My Buildcraft S2E42 - I can has Minecarts?
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Callum Turff: Hey chemdork. I noticed you were having issues with pipes interacting when you dont want them to. If you use a pipe plug you can put two pipes next to eachother without them connecting. Really saved space

SeanTheBunnyBoy: OMG chem thank u your 1st YOUTUBER TO say something I said in the comments plz replie

SeanTheBunnyBoy: HE USED MY COMMENT IN THE VIDEO OMG OMG YOUR SO ALSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡!!!!!!

Firestorm648: Chemdork your a genius. Its like your brothers with sethbling and know hundreds of redstone tricks and your videos are always great even if it takes a will for you to post.

FerrousCart: You CAN convert MJ into RF, but you would need to get a mod just for that. 

Karl Blank: GOOD NEWS! as of 3 days ago, BC was updated to 6.1.2 beta...  so give that a try and RF should work for it now...

def1127: Isnt that a NAND Gate? at 22:22

Breadabix: please use sphax texture pack your world will look soooo muck better. Thanks 

sean connery: Wow so fast your a professional now! Your my favorite YouTube

StreetDareDevils: If you would only publish more often you would have a larger subscriber base, as you are very good with logic, a good voice, and good recording quality

Ian Rosenberg: yay

Shitsneeze turdhorse: Well this episode was kinda pointless. If you keep like 3-4 carts in each station one walk from station A to B won't use up all of station B's minecarts, your gonna be using minecarts 99% of the time soooooo.... Yeah I don't see why you needed to do that. Maybe your running out of ideas on what to do? If so then here are some ideas!

1)GO EXPLORING! Get some food, some supplies to build a temporary house, a boat, and weapons! Go find a village, build walls around it and build a new system to help the villagers! It'll be EPICX!

2)Build a fortress in the Nether and/or End

3)Make an extermination facility! Breed cows, pigs, and villagers to keep killing them or torturing them to death to get XP! EVIL CHEMDORK! :D

4) Uhhh.... Build a lighthouse!  Why the *** not? xD

Well thats my ideas! Tell me what you think! :)

JD Steffen: Nice series, always a blast to watch. Thanks!

lmmaZoni: holy! i totality forgot about you chemdork! and you still use my intro :D

DistortedStar 0026DT: Can you please do a world download like you did on the first season
My Buildcraft S2E42 - I can has Minecarts? 5 out of 5

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Ian Thomas: Somehow my power supply whire has come off on the opposite end and i can't find where it clips on
harry ruske: its not emily its sally
xKrabenx: Hey this track is in holland right? Im from Holland but i haven't been able to find a track to race. I have a Inferno GT Kyosho brand.
predatoure: Hi everyone, hope you liked the video. I did plan to put it up on my channel Monday night/early Tuesday morning UK time, but unfortunately when I tried to film it on Monday evening not only did my printer decide to break, meaning I couldn't print off my script, but also my neighbours were all having firework parties which meant it sounded like I was living in the middle of Syria - which doesn't make for great conditions to film in!

It would be nice if Youtube gave me the community tab so I could keep you all upated, but looks like I'll just have to wait to get 10k subs. For now I'll try to keep you updated as well as I can on my twitter page @predatoure

Also, I will be reviewing TWD Volume 30 at some point this week, and I do still plan to review other shows, i.e continue my GOT series, as well as look at other programmes once that is done. However tbh I just haven't had the time of late to do these videos & plus there's a lot of TWD video ideas I have in my head that I kind of want to do first.

Anyway, I am at work atm, so will try and reply to as many people's comments as I can later. Thanks again everyone, take care :)

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My Buildcraft S2E42 - I can has Minecarts?