THAT ORANGE GLOW! My Natural Everyday Makeup Routine!

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THAT ORANGE GLOW! My Natural Everyday Makeup Routine!
THAT ORANGE GLOW! My Natural Everyday Makeup Routine!
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Fresh and Glowy Everyday Makeup | MakeupShayla
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♡my natural school makeup♡
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12MrBo: Donald Trump wishes

Lynne Sabourin: I have always wondered what happens when you sweat with a face full of makeup?? Because I too, am very sweaty. You answered my question in this video, so thank you! I don't wear makeup because I'm too cheap and lazy. I do love watching videos of folks putting their faces on. Your orange glow is amazing. The transformation is truly mesmerizing to watch! I have recently thought maaaybe after so many years of only doing like, occasional mascara, I could try a full on face of makeup. I'm going to continue admiring your makeup and let my face not be encouraged to sweat anymore than it already does.

jeri smith: Not overly made up.. tasteful and beautiful!

Sarah Hooper: Love it!

Haddy J.: Your hair looks so good!!! Honestly girlfriend you're just so beautiful and insprirational. Always giving us subbies good content !! You go girl ! 👏💛💕💙💕💜

Ashley Kari: Prettttttyyyy

jenise thornton: Very pretty K, I totally agree less is more!

nicolerenee7: How come you have so few braids on your head? I'm asking because I always have so many and don't know how to reduce the bulk.

Diane: You are the definition of natural beauty Absolutely loved this make-up routine

Holly The Dopestress: Just a small suggestion to conceal the dark circles a little more ... go skin tone then go light... so you see how you concealed with a shade lighter than your skin tone ? That's more of a highlight... you want to use your skin tone color under the eye and blend.... to even it out with the rest of the skin this is correcting your dark circles and it gives you a nice even base to add your lighter concealer for your highlight. U wont see those black Marks at all :) but that's only if you want that .. I for one appreciate that u didnt totally take them away .... so when u wipe off your make up you and others will appreciate that you look exactly the same lol not like a whole diff person ... love ya K . I. A!

McMurrayStyles: I love how you keep your brows natural looking, it's perfect for this look 👌😍

Seda Mutlu: You look gorgeous!!
LOVE the lip, hair and those earrings 😍

Ignorant Philosophy: Oh man! You’re brand is strong!!!! I’m bout to put some make up, I’m sold!

Barbara Tanis: Tinted moisturizer life !!!

80’s Nova: Finally someone without a Cakie face! So natural 💋

Sophia Tim: Your skin is amazing ma

Fabiola en vivo: Beautiful!!!

Marcia Lino: Love it!!! What nail color is that?

Jacqueline Andrews: You are beautiful...Love the whole look

Thrifty Shades of Greene: Kara-Mel...CAR-MEL...🍅...tu-mah-tow😂😂😂 loved this video ty for sharing.I'm into clean,clear & under control skin with even tone\healthy skin like crazy this year\glowing,glass & refined skin.. along with flat tummy the makeup look on u..I don't like powder as I find it ages a person but u glow girl!!!!
THAT ORANGE GLOW! My Natural Everyday Makeup Routine! 5 out of 5

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12MrBo: Donald Trump wishes
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THAT ORANGE GLOW! My Natural Everyday Makeup Routine!