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SnarkyWhispers: VERY NEAT! Wish I had some of that talent. (:
Heroes of Xanadu - Sloth: Save states.
Vlad Zimin: Лучше уж без асфальта... и без пробок. С асфальтом будет хуже чем в Джубге.
Dennis Castillo: enserio alguien pagó por este juego?
John Walker: Hey! Solid video. Few suggestions. I use eye bolts and dowel rod so my handle cannot get hot. Also cheap casters make it easy to move and keep the bottom out of the water. I highly suggest a huge stainless salad bowl for a water pan. Great build!
Samuel Zilberg: Peng Peng Could have really been a pretty good aa'er, I mean she can do great beam and bars, her floor isn't bad, just a DTY on vault and she will be set
Trust Noone: That was good, informative video. However, after reading some of the comments & your replies below, I was disappointed to hear that what you installed were already starting to fail after only 2 years. I'm wanting to change out some of my intermittent fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED strips, or making fixtures with the strips the size & shape I want for what tool they'd be mounted above. You didn't say what type of LEDs were in these strips (5050's, 3014's, 7020's etc.), or how long you typically had them operating. Could you let me know what type of LED was in these strips & how long you would operate them. Keep up the good work, and take care.

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