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shylock Arinaitwe: I bought this cutter but had to put a small piece of paper behind the blade so as not to loosen up while cutting
Matheus Felipe: SONS OF freakING ANARCHY .
Oswaldo Rodriguez: No deja escuchar bien todo
theskyisthelimit: Just wondering, on your CCD camera + sound.. have you noticed a hum or buzz when the CCD camera is hooked up? On mine, using the surveilzone cc1529 sony 960h, if its plugged in (5v single lead).. i get a buzz.. the mic is working as if you tap it you can hear it, but a distinct buzz in the background (its not the mic either, pull the mic and the buzz continues fed through the vid tx audio lead maybe)
War Junkie: diablo 3 much ?
Diana JM: This video was unexpectedly funny xD
Gilang Dian Albaqi: Good backsound music 😊