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Girl Puruntong: which magnification did you used to see a better view
weider1717: I just received my james lace up's back from Frye I believe this guy did the repair on the soles, I remember the name. #1 one boot came back wit the lace in it I sent and laced, the other did not instead it was not laced and had two laces inside the boot both was not the one I sent that came with the boot new and neither matched the other lace.
Dmitry Shevkoplyas: how was it "in the field"? How much amps it requre? Have you used power inverter to convert whatever battery-based power up to 110V ?
Cesar Rivera: Una pasada esta pelicula
James Edwards: The man knows what he is doing!
Епифан Холод: здравствуйте вы не подскажете есть обновленная версия игры 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 (2011) репак от механиков
SwamplandFilms: i play multyplaye regularaly if u would be interested in that but it does lagg hellabad after u get 5-10 ppl in it