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Reiner Braun: Thx it work
Bob W: Poor sound quality. Couldn't hear anything but the machine.
martysturgis: Thanks for this review. I'm trying to decide if I want this version with her original blue or if I want to go with her more popular black version. I think I like the blue. Thanks for helping me decide.
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CraftyQueen79: I got that Eyeko Eye Do liner as a sample & I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but, as someone who's still learning makeup application, I found it to be way too wet & messy. I tried it twice & had to remove my eye makeup & start again.
Simone Ines Hirsch Lindner: Como consigo esse software?
Bryan Jones: I know this has been a long time... have been hunting for a 3G alternator in junkyards to put in our '73 F250 with the FE390... My question is you said to look for the 8 1/4" ear spacing alternator (far right version when you show the 3 different 130 amp versions), but the one you actually have on the truck looks like it's the 7" spacing (the far left version of the 3 different 130 amp alternators). Which is it?