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92 Ruti: Hello. I'm from Argentina and I would like to show this to my mom so she can see the interaction between game/job but, she does not understand spoken english. She can read it tho. Is there a subtitle? Thank you.
RW2709: Another great video 5*****Stars and a Thumbs up two you buddy...........
Buo Alfred: OMG I love that hair on both of you, It looks so pretty!!!!!!!
Gilberto Lima: Vou batalha o meu
Lucky Strike: Единственный блогер, которому разрешено присылать мне уведомления от канала. Ты прекрасна, расти и развивайся! У тебя всё получится.
afromamaful: Wow, quite cool that this is coming up in the modern world. I have a couple of grandmothers who stretched their ears. From our culture young women would stretch out their ears and shave the hair bald as a beautification way. They would leave them without earrings or sometimes with. Quite cool.
Straight Rambo: how can i make this having a
function with a square root
and the other fucntion = Absoute Value
an example is y=sqrt(1-(x-1)^2+1 , y=|x-1| I dont have the values of the integration, but i know i can find them
resolving y1=y2 , my problem is i dont know how to use absolut value's , if someone has some tips , or a video i can watch to know them better,