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Timothy Figgis: Kailis made O mealy his bitch 
SRSchoner: This video brought me to tears.... So sad... So very sad. I have two Utoo's, a Umbrella and a Goffin that I adopted over 6 years ago. Both have plucking issues. The Umbrella barbers her feathers and from what I was told from the one that had her she did this from birth. I am teaching her how to preen her feathers and she is catching on knowing the difference from biting versus preening. She looks much better now than when I took her on. The Goffin on the other hand is a real problem, she is bare on the chest, and butchers her tail to the point of having no tail feathers and making a bloody mess. I am perplexed as to how to prevent her from this trait. I noticed in this video that you made a cape out of a sock. Could you reveal how you did this. I would like to try it on the Goffin. And Yes... ADOPT... Don't EVER BUY!
Yang Zheng: 黑鲨得罪你?😂一边又这样 价钱一个天一个地
Tyler Klassen: Everybody was kung foo fighting!
james root: Your all wrong it has a secondary sensor behind wheel bearing
mitsoswu: Is this recorded with fraps?..... if yes, it's WRONG to do man :(
 you should download "mirillis action recorder" to get this right ;)

Tylah Granum: Can I send you mine and you fix mine?