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ka fiqqi: Hi. Thanks for the videos. It helps me alot to setting my new kanna. I saw you flatten the surface of kanna. But mine, the surface is not flatten. Rear surface higher than the front. My kanna is k*akuri brand. Is that ok or i need to make it flat? Thank you
животные и природа: лайк. заходите к нам ( всем взаимная ПОДПИСКА)
Anastasia Filipova: Посмеялась от души, спасибо))) милое и действительно смешное видео, а чувство юмора- признак наличия интеллекта! Ну и в каждой шутке есть только доля шутки, а все остальное- правда!) Пожалуйста, продолжайте, Юрий Андреевич)
Kathleen Ann: I really love Shirley Jackson too, I am interested to hear what you think of it. I just started Another Country and so far really love his writing. It is my first but not my last! I like the way you are doing your TBR!
Owen Miller: Great video, I just picked up a Summit 850 myself. Quick question, I just did the Grip n Rip full kit, and put it back together. I threw a can on it too, and propped the track off the ground to let it run a little to make sure everything’s good to go after taking it apart. It idles fine but when giving it a little throttle the revs bounce a few times and then it stalls. First time starting it up this year, maybe it just needs to be run a bit? Not sure if it’s a problem you’ve heard about or experienced, or I’m worrying over nothing.
Жиримон: Александр, какой фирмы стойки? Как себя показали за это время? Сколько проходили?
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