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Rachel Whitehurst: I can't find it online anywhere and not in the bare escentuals store..
Nikhil Asrani: where is it available in India? Which store in Bangalore?
justmeeagainn: Across top (l to r looking down) 2 pentacles, 3 wands, Page wands. Middle card: 6 Swords. Bottom: 6 wands, 9 pentacles, 9 wands. Analysis: my alter ego is poised, confident, protective, guarded. He wants me to move forward but I'm hiding from him even though he's right there in front if me. I can integrate him by striving for balance and harmony. Best embrace him by looking forward past old baggage. He wants me to seek adventure, take some risks, grow.
yanchez сирко: бля я думал он роскажет хоть шото про крыло хуйтам потеребил и все а обяснить как оно крепиться ума не хватило токо теребонькать и может дизлайк жосткий
FaRo: I think I might have spotted a bug in this video…
Michael A. Orlando: Michael Kaz awesome video I saw Queen + Adam Lambert in Cleveland, Ohio on July 21, 2017 and I have to say their concert was so awesome that it was one the best times of my life and it's an experience I will never forget.
chuwing chuwing: 綠蛆蟲。