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Lori Wear: Back again! The 2 workouts you do with the mass suit are just brutal. No way around it! Did a little better this time! Still can't use weight with crossover jacks, but did with everything else. Couldn't do that 3 weeks ago. On that last exercise I tried a side lunge with a press. Ouch. TY coach C u next time!
BaD_NTentioNs: freaking worst rage quitting game ever. worst online set up. cant ever find people that are straight up. always try to double team you SMH.
funtime foxy: Te odeio sabe porque?
pq vc fica rodiando o carro e não mostra por dentro do carro então vai Tomar no meio do seu cu

ВСЕ ИЗ ЮТУБА GOOD: Стоп это женшина😨😨😱😍😍😘😘
Das Piper: Just to correct the Title of this video: This case is made of Aramid Carbon Fibre not Kevlar. As you know, the two materials are not the same. Sorry.
Owen Goodspeed: Lovely car, but what on earth was he doing? Take it out for a proper drive!