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Arno Verstraete: ziet er niet echt handig uit
rhiannonwalsh: Is the mineral eyeshadow in Innocent matte? xo
prompt: Perfect idea: make a machine that uses blades that fall upon the can, causing it to split in to parts. Using a pulley, move a wood block automatically after the blades to separate the sections of the can into "crushing sections" which by a piston or even a stepper motor as the overall weight and mass of the can will be lowered, which from what I know, will work. Then one those sections are crushed. Get a pulley to pull back a piece of wood, which puts all sections into one chamber. Then it gets fun! Get some blow torches to weaken the metal, then when the blow torches are off, get a big piston thingy that's going to crush all sections into the centre of another wood piece, which lowers down into a bin, or BETTER! Instead of falling into a bin, the crusher collects all pieces and automatically welds all pieces together, then getting pushed along by another piston, leading to a piece of wood that lowers down, to go to be blowtorched, then crushed once more, before landing in the bin.
Matt Flanigan: IDM207 would be awsome. and welcome the the buckeye state
free roaming vapour: Greetings
Louie P: whoa did they send this to you?
Graham Wellington: those shoes are beautiful! I love the way your big toe pushes up against the top of your left shoe. Very hot vid!